A Monster Collection Roguelike



Copyright 2013-2021 Herbert H. Piland III

This software is provided free of charge, but you do not have permission to copy, modify, or sell it to other parties.

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Unity3D games, such as this software, collect information when run that is transmitted to Unity. If you run this software, you are consenting to the collection and transmission of this data. You can read more about what information Unity collects, and how it is used, at:

This software itself also collects and transmits data on its own behalf. This data is strictly limited to data generated by the software and the user's interaction with the software: no other information about the user or the computer the software is run on is transmitted. This data is only used by the developer for the further development and refinement of the software, and within the software itself for specific gameplay features. If you run this software and do not disable the "Use Online Features?" option (which is set to "Yes" initially), you are also consenting to the collection and transmission of this data.

The Geminimax tile set is used in Demon with permission from Geminimax. You do not have permission to copy, modify, or sell the tiles to other parties, nor use them in any other software or media project for any purpose. You may contact the creator of the Geminimax tile set at:

The Ontoclasm icon set, made by Samuel Wilson (Ontoclasm), is used in Demon in accordance with the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license, which you may read about here: In accordance with that license, the atlases for the icons created for use in Demon are provided for your use under that same license and can be found in the Licensed_Art folder included in this download. You may contact the creator of the Ontoclasm icon set at: