Next Brand Test Build Soon

Hey folks. :) Apologies for the slower updates this month; April’s had a lot going on, but I should have more development time available after this week.

The bugs are starting to wind down nicely: most of the ones left / being reported recently are balance or polish issues, rather than critical or systemic, so I’ll be switching over to beginning to work on the remaining Brand-related content soon, including Brand-related Relic Upgrades, Brands spawning on corpse encounters, and new Brand modifiers. :)

Thank you everyone for your help with testing, and for your patience while life’s kept me a bit busier than usual. :)

Hopping Mad

Zyalin posted another awesome piece of Demon fan art for me to share. This one depicts Jiang Shi, a Chinese vampire known for using hopping as its main form of locomotion. :D The paper talisman attached to its face is a component of the ritual that creates the Jiang Shi.

Thanks Zyalin! :)


Next Test Build Next Week

Hey folks, just a quick update: I should have time to get some more bug fixes in and put out a new test build sometime next week. :) Thank you to everyone who has been reporting game results and giving me bug reports, they are a big help. :D

Ferret At Rest


Taking a brief break over a long weekend to enjoy Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. :D I’ll keep an eye on the forum in case any horrid bugs come up with the Brand Test Builds though. :) Good luck in the tower until I get back in the saddle next week!

Next Brand Test Build Soon

The early part of the week’s been a bit slammed, but I hope to have the next Brand Test Build (with several good bug fixes!) out sometime in the next couple of days, before the weekend. This is good, because I’m almost certainly going to be playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice this weekend, with apologies to Demon’s fans. :D Cheers!

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