Back From Self-Imposed Exile

My temporary exile to a dark realm without good computers or reliable internet is concluded, so I’m back to work on Demon. :) Not a whole lot else to say, just wanted to break radio silence now that I could :D Will have an update on the content push soon. :D

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New Demons Means New Abilities

And now, to go with the peek at the updated monster atlas, the updated ability atlas. :) Once I get all the new ones among these implemented, the next build will be getting close to finished!


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New friends/foes coming next update.

The next major update will have 12 new characters to run into while exploring the Tower’s new floors, T:13 to T:15. Here’s a screenshot of the character texture atlas including the art for the 12 new guys: Scarab, Irikyou, Kuchisake, Shoggoth, Jinn, Bonnachon, Ben Nefilin, Manananagal, Archangel, Ninsaki (a unique demon), Adria (a hero), and Breska (a summoner.)



Still adjusting to juggling my new job with work on Demon, but things are still moving along, if a little bit slower than before. :) I’ll post another update when this build is nearing completion. :)

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