The Checklist

Keeping this here so folks can see the progress so far. I posted this list originally before the new year, and was editing it from time to time to show progress, but I don’t know if anyone actually noticed I was doing that. :P So I’ve reverted that one to how it was, and posted this one here with the progress on it instead.

As a reminder, once 1-6 are complete, I will release a test build while I finish up 7 (and so I can find out if there any must fix bugs with the new stuff to fix as part of 7, for that matter.)

1) <in progress> My versions of the character sprites. (Probably the biggest chunk left, but I’ve done some already at least.)
2) <done> Creating new modifiers, updating existing modifiers.
3) <done> Updating character creation (adding Matter options, resistances/weaknesses when appropriate)
4) <done> Capture mechanics for the new demons
5) <in progress> Placing all the new demons into encounter charts
6) Sanctums for the new uniques, when appropriate
7) Deciding which bugs on the bug list I want to address before release, and addressing them