Creating Brands From A Forest Friend

I decided to ask Actaeon… well, several Actaeons, actually… to help me test out Create Brand:


Let’s see what they ended up producing:

CreateBrand2 CreateBrand3 CreateBrand4

Create Brand’s results depend on the modifier the demon has. As you’d probably expect, Actaeon’s Well Fed modifier tends to produce Brands that penalize Speed, but give defensive bonuses. The word “tends” here is important: there is still a significant random component to Brands made via Create Brand, so you will sometimes see deviations from what you might expect from a given modifier. Still, usually, the result will be fairly consistent on at least the major beats, such as Well Fed’s Speed penalty.

Now I just have to create Brand modifier lists for the other several dozen character modifiers. :P

Work Picking Up Again

The timing’s a bit demonic, but work’s picking up to a heavier than normal level again, so the full release of Brands may be a little ways off still.

I think I’ve said most of this before in scattered places, but just to reiterate what’s coming:

1) A new Brand Upgrade (still working on the name) that lets you convert demons into Brands. The Brands will tend to have modifiers of types related to the sacrificed demon’s modifier. Unique modifiers will have unique tendencies.

2) Another new Brand Upgrade that raises the number of Brands you can carry significantly.

3) More new Brand modifiers.

4) Some method of viewing past message log messages.

5) A few more tweaks and adjustments to previous Brand content.

Once I can finish all that, the full release will be… well, released. :D Thank you to everyone who’s helped with playtesting the Brand builds up to this point, and another thank to everyone period for your patience with the slower update pace this year. Changes at work have definitely slowed me down from my previous working pace for Demon which is a bummer, but I greatly appreciate everyone being cool about it and remaining supportive of Demon despite the slower pace.

Until next time, good luck in the tower!