5/31: Preparing For The End

The new build has been released! :D Links on the right have been updated, so go grab it!

Highlights of the new build include:

  • New Brand art by Ontoclasm!
  • Access to over 90 new abilities.
  • 4 new types of demon modifiers, with 3 tiers each: Adept (Presence/physical), Draconic (Breath/defense), Paladin (Slash/Light), and Reaver (Slash/Dark)
  • A complete ability pass on all demons, in most cases resulting in 1 or even 2 new abilities added, particularly for demons on higher floors.
  • Reduced Credit cost on Copy Ability and Fuse Demon.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements, including better performance when the player party has Aura abilities.

Enjoy, and as always, good luck in the Tower!

Brand New Brand Art

One more goodie for the upcoming build: new Brand art by Ontoclasm! :) Here’s a sample of some of it in game. As with the old Brand art, colors are randomly selected for each Brand, so the colors shown here are not the only ones you’ll find. Thanks again Ontoclasm!


May Madness

A small, but happy update: I have a four day weekend coming up, which I hope to use to finish up the next build. :D The release date target is therefore 5/31.

Some Of The Changed Demons

Whew: all the ability related work is Done. Every ability is implemented. Every ability has been distributed across modifiers and demons new and old, and every one that should have a place, does. The only things left between us and the release are some promised bug fixes and tweaks, and of course, a bit of testing. :)

In the mean time, here are some examples of existing demons whose ability sets were upgraded/changed as part of the pass discussed in the last post:

Echeneis2 Aspis2 Zaltys2 Virtue2Oni2 Incubus2 Jotunn2

There Is Only Power

Another change coming in the next build: Demons across the Tower will have more abilities!

Previously, demons had these ability counts based on Tier:

Tier 1: 3-4
Tier 2: 3-5
Tier 3: 4-5
Unique: Max for Tier +2-3
Hero/Summoner: Always 8

After the next build, the counts will be:

Tier 1: 4
Tier 2: 5
Tier 3: 6
Unique: Max for Tier +2
Hero/Summoner: Always 8

This in effect means that some Tier 1 demons will be gaining a new ability, some Tier 2 demons will be gaining one or even two new abilities, and that all Tier 3 demons will be gaining at least one new ability, possibly two. (Uniques, demons, and summoners will largely not be changing.)

In rare cases, some existing abilities may also be replaced, in addition to the new abilities being added, but this will be infrequent. The goal is to enhance, not redefine.

Soon, I will post some samples of the changed demons. :) Cheers!

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The Demon’s New Clothes

Also coming in the next build: four new sets (three each, one for each ‘tier’ of the Tower) of modifiers. :) Like most non-unique modifiers, these will be able to show up throughout the Tower at random, pre-applied to the demons you encounter. Additionally, existing demons will be reviewed and, where appropriate, will have one of these new modifiers replace their current inherent one. :)

As a preview, here is the tooltip of the lowest tier member of each new modifier set:

Drakesworn Initiate Ravager Squire2