Arcadia: The Untamed Forest

Still have some work to do on the walls to make them a bit less hedge maze and bit more forest, but things are far enough along now where I can show off a couple of screenshots. :)

Here’s a terrain shot:


And, here’s a sample map generated using the new forest “architect” I made for the level:


I really like how the maps have turned out. :) They tend to have one big forested area, but with lots of fun side paths into smaller areas. :D

Arcadia is a one floor side dungeon that will appear in 50% of games. When it appears, its portal will spawn on Tower:3, and the unique Actaeon will always spawn within it. Games where Arcadia appears will *not* have Tower:1 & 1/2, the two are part of a dungeon set (the first in Demon), only one dungeon in each set spawns each run (similar to Lair sub-branches in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.) This also means you may finally be able to run into West and Headless in the main Tower again…

Still a bit of work to do for this build, but I’m hoping to release relatively soonish. :D Stay tuned!

Forests Are Hard :P

Hey, didn’t mean to go silent for more than a week. :D I *almost* have Arcadia’s terrain looking good enough to show here, and will post something soon. :D Organic terrain is much trickier than interiors. :P Stay tuned!

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2/13: Bug Fixed

New build is up at the links on the right. :)

Fixes the 2/12 bug where certain status effects couldn’t expire while the affected character was unsummoned.

Also fixes a long-standing bug with Maul that caused the first attack to be auto-hit.

Bug Fix Build Coming Soon, But Here’s a Temp Fix

So, there’s a bug with the new control effect duration changing code where these effects never wear off if the demon is in your stash :P

That’s pretty bad, and I’ll be rolling out a fix ASAP.

However, it’s somewhat of an illusion: if you summon the critter, the effect should wear off before it takes it first turn still. Just means you can’t remove it while resting if they’re stashed, which is annoying and bad.

Anyway, fix will be coming soon. :) Sorry about that. :D Even I don’t think of everything, sometimes. :)

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2/12: Fixing Broken Hearts

…among other bugs, polish fixes, and small UI/AI tweaks. Probably not the most exciting build ever, but I can’t completely neglect non-content things, even during a content push. :)

Major highlights:
* Frozen Heart and Storm Heart actually work now. :)
* Many ‘control’ type status effects now “wait” until the target gets a turn before expiring. Since these status effects can’t be refreshed by being reapplied, this helps raise the odds of the target getting at least some ‘clean’ turns now and then, even when facing several opponents capable of applying control effects.
* Some AI tweaks related to Guilt, Pariah, DEFDown, DEFUp, EVDDown, and EVDUp effects.
* Other assorted polish bits, balance tweak, and bug fixes.

The next build will be a bit more exciting, but we have to eat our veggies too. :D Good luck!

Next Build In (Brief) Testing

Assuming all goes well, the 2/12 build will be released tomorrow. If I’m being honest, it isn’t anything too exciting, except maybe for the balance change where “control” type effects only expire at the start of the target’s turn (thus raising the odds of you getting at least one ‘clean’ action now and then, offer not valid if under multiple control effects at once. :P ) The rest is just a collection of small UI, AI, and balance tweaks that had built up during content pushes. :D

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Tweaks, and then, Trees

Working on a small build that’s nearly done already. Nothing tooo fancy, just some bug fixes and AI tweaks that have built up during the content pushes that I want to stop briefly to knock out.

After that, I will begin work on yet another content build: this one adding a new terrain set and level layout style, which will be used in a new side-dungeon. :D This new side-dungeon will be part of Demon’s first “one out of X” set: it will have a 50% chance of appearing instead of Tower: 1 & 1/2, and will appear on either Tower:2 or Tower:3, haven’t decided for sure which yet. Stay tuned for more information, on both the imminent tweak build, and the upcoming new content build that will follow it. :)

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Hey folks. :P

So. XCOM 2 is coming out in… 12 hours or so.

Barring any massive problems with the recent build, I will probably be a bit of a rare encounter until Monday or so. :)

But, I’ll be back on my normal Demon work schedule after that. :D

2/3: Movin’ On Up

New build is out. :D Download links have been updated, so go grab it. :D

Major goodies of this build include:

  • Three new floors have been added to the top of the Tower, bringing it to 20 floors total.
  • 17 new characters and 39 new abilities were added (most to the three new floors, some to other areas)
  • Hand of the Dead has a new primary option: Debuff, which gives touch-range abilities that apply two debuffs at once.
  • Vodun Mask’s Mind secondary is now Minor Pain instead of Mind Blank. Minor Pain has less stagger, but does damage.
  • Crown of Glory’s Buff secondary is now Leadership instead of Cursebreak Cut. Leadership causes your physical attacks to speed up the next turn of randomly selected allies.
  • Various balance tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Scoreboard has been reset for this version, since it added significant new content.

Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower. :D