8/30: What’s in a Nickname?

New build posted! If you just want to dive in, the build links on your right have the new 8/30 build for PC, Mac, and Linux!

The 8/30 build’s main new feature is demon nicknaming:


You can now give any demon in your party a nickname while viewing it’s character sheet by pressing Shift+n. Nicknames are shown throughout all interfaces, the one partial exception being on the character sheet where it is shown in quotes to remind you it is a nickname, and not the demon’s default name. If you ever do want a demon’s nickname back, simply rename it again and enter an empty name. (And yes, you can even rename uniques!)

In addition to a collection of minor and moderate bug fixes and UI improvements, the 8/30 build also added a fun new twist to unique demons: all unique demons now offer a unique modifier when sacrificed to a Silver or Gold matrix. For example, here’s a preview of what would happen to a Gandayah if you applied Vihkor’s “Whirling” modifier to it:

Yes, that’s a 20% speed increase! Unique modifiers can have extra little perks like that. :) Here’s another shot of a Gandayah previewing the “Brewmaster” modifier offered by Ninkasi:

Brewmaster Gandayah
Two resistances? Yep! :D This isn’t power creep though… after all, if you sacrifice a unique to matrix, by definition you’ve given up on the equally interesting option of using a Gold matrix to modify the unique itself. :) Choices, choices…

Anyway, one week left on the job before I’m free to do full time Demon work, but it will probably be an extra busy one, so this might be the only post until the weekend. Cheers, and good luck in the tower!

Rogueliker Streaming Demon

Rogueliker has been busy lately, using YouTube’s new streaming service to livestream Demon playthroughs. :D

Wednesday’s Stream:

Thursday’s Stream:

There will be another stream on his channel today at 8:00 PST. :) Stop by and cheer him on, he’s currently on Tower:8 in his current game, a personal best for him. :D Here’s a link to his YouTube stream: https://www.youtube.com/c/Rogueliker1/live

I should have another post later today about a small, but often requested feature I’m working on: nicknames for your demon allies. :) This is a small one, so even with the minor fixes/tweaks I’m packaging with it, it should be out soon. :D

Some Combat Mechanics Details

I posted a hopefully easy to follow explanation of the nitty-gritty of Demon’s combat mechanics over on the forums: http://forum.ferretdev.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=29

I also wanted to answer questions that have come up about turn delay effects: http://forum.ferretdev.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=30

Feel free to ask in comments here or (even better!) on the forum if you have any questions about either mechanic, or anything else. :D

Into the Future

So, some interesting Demon news to start off Wednesday.

Effective September 4th, I am resigning from my job to spend at least the next year working full time on Demon. :)

Probably don’t have to spell out too much of what this means: more feature, bigger features, and coming faster than they have been. :D

Don’t worry: Demon will always be free to play, and in the true sense of that phrase, not the modern “free to download but nickles and dimes you during the game” sense. Not in this for money, I just want to make an awesome monster collection roguelike. :)

I want to thank everyone who has tried Demon, given feedback, and shown it to friends. :) It makes me really happy that people already are having fun with Demon, even this relatively early in its development. :D

Now then… let’s see just how high this tower can go. :)

8/24: Missing Tooltip Fix

It’s probably the lamest reason ever to make a build, but I can’t stand having known bugs, even small ones, out in the wild when I know I could easily fix them though…. so, yes, 8/24/2015 is out, and all it does is turn Judge’s Mein’s tooltip on and make a small VFX change to Shocking Spear.

The actual productive part of my week Demon-wise starts Wednesday. :) I’ll let you know what’s cooking that *isn’t* a silly bug fix at that point. :)

Whoops :P

Looks like I messed up a string tag on Judge’s Mien causing its tooltip not to show. :P I’ll push a build with a fix tonight, but for now: It has a 50% (I think, at work so I can’t check the data :P ) chance to apply Guilt when you deal Light damage to a target that attacked on its last turn. Apologies. :D

8/23: Squishing a UI Bug that annoyed me

Feel free to skip this build if you like. :P All it does is fix a bug where the auto-target UI for player abilities preferred to aim projectile abilities “behind” intended targets. This was not wrong behavior per se, but it did look weird so I went ahead and fixed it real quick.

If it sounds like it’d annoy you too, download away. :P Otherwise 8/22 is perfectly fine. :)

8/22: These Six… No Seven, Seven! …Relics

New build is up! Check out the links to right for the PC, Mac, and Linux zips. :D


As promised, this is the build that adds the first six seven relics to the game, the six previously previewed relics, and the “secret” seventh I kept under wraps because I do things like that sometimes. :)

Chosen at the start of character creation, relics determine your character’s appearance, what elements they can choose from, and what abilities those elements will provide. I think the relics allow character creation to do a much better job of letting you get a good start on the playstyle you want. :)

The other major feature of the build is revamped ability descriptions. The new descriptions do a much better job of explaining what abilities actually do, and in giving you information you can use to compare abilities and make decisions about which ones suit your needs best.

As previously discussed, the scoreboard has been reset with the release of this build. Good luck climbing to the top!

Speaking Of Which…

Small note about high scores here:

Demon has a concept of “scoring models”, tracked separately from version numbers. Scoring model is only incremented when significant changes have made that I feel potentially change gameplay balance enough where scores after those changes cannot reasonably be compared to scores before those changes.

During alpha (where we are now!), scoring model will probably change somewhat often, but as Demon gets further along, I expect it to happen less and less often.

That said, the relic system is a pretty significant change with potential balance implications, and when the new build releases, I will be incrementing the scoring model. Older versions of Demon will remain able to view (and even contribute to) the old scoring model, and I may also add a feature later to view scores recorded under older models in game, but I don’t want to hold up this build for something like that. :P

Getting Close Now

Almost there. :D Only major things left on my list are:

1) Improve suggested target UI

2) Ability descriptions

3) Final balance testing

Won’t be much longer now, I proimse. :D

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