Solomon And The Baby

Hey folks. :D

A small announcement: I’ve decided to split the upcoming end-game build into two builds.

The first build, which will come relatively soon, will include most of the new abilities, distributed throughout the Tower’s existing demons and modifiers, as well as some new modifiers and a few bug fixes.

Then, work will continue on the second build, which will strictly be about the end game content. This will also be where the remaining abilities are introduced.

To clarify: the only abilities not introduced in the first build will be those that only appear in end game content. Most of them will be available even in the first build.

I decided to do this because I have come to realize that the end game content is still a fair ways off, and I wanted to release something new for folks to enjoy during the remainder of that wait, and as it turns out, this is a pretty good solution to that. :D

I’ll try to get a release date for the first build posted in the near future, for now it is “soon(tm)” :P

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Ability Icons Done; Now Making Abilities

And now, they’re all done. :D 118 new ability icons! Once these are actually added to the game, we’ll be pushing pretty close to 1000… though not quite there. :) Work has begun on actually┬áimplementing the abilities these’re tied to, so future progress updates will include some of their in-game tooltips as content previews. :) Until next time, good luck in the Tower!