Checking In

Hey. :) Looks like everyone’s enjoying the new build so far. :D

I’m still on break, but I wanted in check in and say we’re on the downhill part of it now and I should be getting back to development work before too much longer. :)

Until then, good luck in the Tower!


This actually happened a couple of days ago, but I was a slacker for Persona 5 related reasons and didn’t post it then :P But, it’s official: Demon has passed 20,000 games played. :D

We’ve been averaging a little over 40 games played a day since hitting the 10,000 mark at the end of July last year. A pretty remarkable jump, given it was closer to 25/day back when we hit that milestone.

Thank you everyone for the support and feedback, and I’m glad you are all enjoying your time in the Tower. :D Onward to 50,000!

Edit: If anyone is curious, this number is simply the number of deaths reported to the score server. I’m sure there are some number of games played offline and what not, but since I can’t count ‘em, I can’t count ‘em. :D

Persona 5

If you’re a long time follower of Demon’s development, you probably saw this coming. :P

Persona 5 comes out in a few hours.

I have recently been super busy between work and doing development for Demon.

Due to these facts, I will be shifting into “bug fixes and communications only” mode for a bit while I relax, recharge, and play an awesome game in my favorite game series. :D

Thank you for playing Demon, and good luck in the Tower! I’ll be around, so this isn’t goodbye, just a notice that I won’t be doing active dev work for a little bit. Cheers!

(If you’re a worrywart and worry this is one of those many departures into the night for an in-dev roguelike, here’s a brief history of all the other times I’ve wandered off and come back :P )