Who’s That Pokemon? Part 1A

I’ve been designing the abilities for some of the new characters and about half way done with that. Since I don’t mind revealing a few of the characters pre-release, I thought it might be interesting to post a limited amount of information about a few and see if folks can figure out who they are based on the information provided. :D

Note that for abilities, do not think too strictly. I usually have to take a little creative license there for gameplay reasons: abilities refer to things associated with the character, but the mythological relationship may not be as direct as the ability applies. (Still, if I picked it to show for one of these, it will have a strong connection to the character in some fashion.)

This first one should be an easy one, but we’ll see how it goes. :) Leave your guesses in the comments; I’ll reveal the character’s identity later in the week. Most of the characters in this upcoming build are very famous, long-standing myths, and often they go by many names, so you can consider yourself to have gotten it right if you get any of the names associated with them, even if it’s different from the one I ended up using for Demon. :D

Here’s the provided information for the first one:

Rank/Character Type:
Hero (Unique)

Attribute ratios:
STR: 10
MAG: 250
VIT: 30
AGL: 10
CUN: 200

Resistance table:
Resist: Fire, Electricity, Ice, Matter, Body, Light, Dark
Weak : Mind

3 of their abilities:
Grail’s Boon (Removes Body status, then restores HP and SP to full. Has its own Cooldown.)
Calesvol’s Ward (Reduces damage taken while not affected by negative status.)
Holy Prophet (Increases evasion dramatically, based on the attacker’s Light resistance.)

Bonus question: Why would I have picked Weak: Mind for this character?

Good luck! :D

Sun’s Lament

Hey folks,

My part of the world’s currently experiencing some pretty ridiculously bad ice/snow/cold weather that has more or less completely knocked out electricity and now even water. I’ve made it to a friend’s place who still has power so I’m alright, but no real update/progress on the build to report unfortunately. I’ll let everyone know when I’m up and fully operational again. Thanks, and if you’re in this mess too, stay safe!

Knowing The Unknowable

The next step, which I just completed, was finding and picking out references to use for the art for each of the new characters. This is usually a bit quicker than it was this time, but things went a bit slower this time due to the extreme age and extreme popularity of some of the characters involved. Both of those can create trouble in different ways. Extreme age can cause feast or famine problems: there may lots of references (making it difficult to figure out which one is most accurate to the original myth!), or there may be very few or none at all (making them hard to find.) Extreme popularity tends to flood the internet with lots of mythologically inaccurate depictions, also adding to the difficulty of finding good sources.

Of course, on top of those factors, this particular set I wanted to take a little extra time with since they exist at the Tower’s upper most floor. :)

But, now that is done, everything needed to begin creating the character sprites is complete. Next up, I’ll be working on my own version of those and also on the abilities for each of the new characters. (I tend to do both at once since my still frustratingly limited art abilities usually lead me to want to switch to another task now and then to give myself a break. :P )

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Pantheon o’ Plenty

Hey folks. :) A tiny, if vague, progress update: I’ve finished picking out the new characters who will be added as part of the update. Barring any tweaks/changes later, it looks like there will be 17 new characters: 7 heroes, 7 unique demons, 2 minions, and 1 normal demon.

I will probably preview a limited selection of these once we’re further along and they have at least character sprites ready (or better, character sheets), but many of them will remain a mystery until release. :)