A bit of polish coming soon

Taking a little time to polish things up and do a bit of bug fixing before the next major build. Coming soon:

* Much improved cooperation from the UI when targetting area effect attacks.
* Scoring!
* In-game display of what floor you are on (about time, no? :P )
* The ability to view your party after death.
* …and various other small fixes, polishes, and tweaks.

Here’s a screenshot showing a little of what’s going in so far.


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9/22: New Stat System Online!

Link to builds: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-sx_4eW-B5hWnhNZlRPclZLeUU&usp=drive_web

This build changes up the stat system in Demon significantly. You still have the same five primary stats (formerly called traits): Strength, Magic, Vitality, Agility, Cunning. However, they are now represented by numerical values, have much simpler effects, and go up when your level goes up. More interestingly, when the main character’s level increases, you can assign the points yourself, in whatever manner you choose.

The new simpler effects of each stat are:

Strength: Increases physical damage.
Magic: Increases magical damage and healing.
Vitality: Increases maximum HP.
Agility: Increases accuracy and evasion.
Cunning: Increases chance to apply negative effects.

The new system gives you much more control over your main character’s development and is hopefully easier to understand and more rewarding in terms of progression. :)

What an Ice/Electricity character’s starting stats are.

And a zombie’s stats in the new system.


New stat system almost ready

I’ve been working on the new stat system. :) It’s almost ready.

Basic idea:
* Stats now are rated by numerical values, rather than adjectives.
* The main character gets 5 points per level to allocate (other characters automatically assign theirs, based on their type.)
* Stats have much simpler effects: Strength only affects physical damage, Magic only affects magical damage, Vitality only affects MaxHP, Agility only affects accuracy and evasion, and Cunning only affects the chance to successfully apply a debuff.
* No more Orbs of Change (hooray!)

The new system should be easier to understand and give everyone more control over their character’s development, as well providing better hooks for possible future additions, such as equipment.

This isn’t a finished interface for leveling up, but here’s how it’s coming along. :)


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9/8: The Day The Tower Grew To 17 Floors

It was a long haul, but the tower has been expanded to 17 floors! Some other changes have been made as well, particularly to the starting packages, and to how pure debuff spells (such as Weaken, Weigh Sin, etc.) work. Build link, update notes, and a teaser screenshot below!

Link to buildshttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-sx_4eW-B5hWnhNZlRPclZLeUU&usp=drive_web

Update Notes, 9/8/2014

Character Creation
- Changed Pierce, Mind, Electric, Buff, Debuff, Light, and Dark’s starting packages.

- The tower now goes up to T:17!
- New enemies (and possible allies) abound, some more special than others.
- T:11 and up now have a different list of random modifiers for demons than T:3-10.
- A large number of new abilities were added, some for the new enemies, some for the new modifiers.

- Adjusted brightness of floor tiles a bit.
- You are now warned when summoning low health allies during combat (but you can still do it if you insist.)

- Major: Most non-damaging debuff spells are now Direct instead of Aimed.
- Several tweaks to many abilities…
- Damaging items are now 50% more effective.
- Damaging items now also ignore the user’s stats when determining their effectiveness.
- Swapping is no longer possible if the swappee is disabled or has any Mind-element debuff (Sleep, Panic, Charm, etc.)
- Adjusted hit rates for various status conditions.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused fleeing monsters to make poor life choices.

Lemme know if you run into any problems. :) Oh, right, and here’s a peek at the sort of nonsense you will sometimes run into in the new part of the tower. :>


Next Build is in Testing :)

One of the many goodies, the updated character creation packages. :)


I’ll be uploading the new build as soon as testing is complete. :D Thanks for your patience, this content update ended up being a weeeeee bit bigger than I expected. :)

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