This Is (Probably) Not The Build You’re Looking For

..but, it’s still a build I need to release, as it fixes a bug that sometimes caused the Great Healer passive to make Mending status permanent instead of reducing the duration. The build also includes a bit of code to remove permanent Mended status from anyone saddled with it (though of course, you’ll need to move your Save files over from the previous version in order for this one to find them. If you don’t have permanent Mended status on any characters, no need to worry with it.)

Links at the right have been updated, so go ahead and grab it. :)

Don’t worry, I’m still plugging away at the Tower:27-29 content build. :) I’ll have more preview material, though we’re actually getting fairly close to release too. :D

Not Quite Over 9000, But Over 800 Isn’t Bad

I’ve finished the icons for the new abilities:


…and since with these, Demon will be passing the 800 mark on total abilities, I can’t resist the excuse to paste the entire atlas again. :P


Next up: implementing these and getting them onto demons. :D After that, all that’ll be left is implementing new encounters and testing!

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The Height of Power

I’ve finished the ability set design for the new demons: it looks there will be around 30 or so new abilities, barring any late additions or removals. :)  As with the last upper Tower build, not all of these will be found only in upper floors. Some will appear on modifiers (or, possibly, even demons) that appear in earlier encounters as well. I’ll provide more details about some of the new abilities once their icons and implementation are complete and I start showing full demon previews, but I think there are some pretty interesting ones in the mix. :D

Tiny Delay

Hey folks,

The sprites are pretty much done, but there will be a slight delay on the next progress update as I transition from one job to another. :) Don’t worry, the delay will be brief (probably just need a week or so to get everything sorted out properly.)