3/31: Our Time Has Finally Come

The long-awaited new build, with 20 new demons, over 170 new abilities, 3 new Tower floors, 3 new Sanctums, and a heap of improvements and bug fixes has been released! Build links have already been updated, so go get it!

Special thanks go out to the awesome folks who when asked stepped up to help me test this thing so I could get it out faster. :D

Anyway, I’ve been talking about this build for so long I don’t really feel like I need to post a giant thing for its release, so I’ll leave it at that. :D Go play, and good luck in the Tower!

Looking Good

Everything’s look good for the planned 3/31 release. :) Soon, the Tower’s new floors will be open to everyone. :D Well.. everyone who can get up there anyway…

Scheduled Release Date Set: 3/31!

It is my intention to release the long-awaited new content build on 3/31. :) I have only 3 open bugs at the moment, and 1 of them I would be willing to live with if I absolutely must (by removing the AI change that is causing it.) I should be able to fix and verify the other 2 quickly: the remaining time is for further testing and fixing anything that drags into the light. :)

We’re close!

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Change Log for the Next Build

Something to read while I clean up the last bits and do final testing. :)

New Feature: The Upper Reaches Of The Tower
 - Three new floors have been added to the Tower, bringing
 it to a total of 23 floors, not including the other realms
 it contains portals to.
 - The new floors contain demons unlike any seen before,
 wielding powers of strength unheard of before their
 - Among the new cadre are a few figures of note: two
 demons capable of forming Sanctums, a morose looking Hero,
 and a bold, cunning, and quite deadly Summoner with no
 tolerance for rivals.
 - The appearance of the new floors has also had significant
 impacts on the previously existing floors: reports indicate
 many demons dwelling in floors 11 to 20 have developed new
 - Further more, several entirely new demons have been sighted
 on the lowest floors, including one capable of creating a
 - All in all, over 20 new demons and over 170 new abilities
 can now be found within the Tower (and in the realms it
 has connections to...)
New Feature: Attenutated Attacks
 - Many area effect attacks now have the Attenuated modifier.
 This is shown in tooltips in the ability's main description,
 such as "Attenuated 70 Power attack." 
 - Attenuation has two main effects: it reduces the damage
 dealt and the chance of applying status effects for
 targets not caught in the focal point of the blast. The
 further away from the focal point, the further from the
 - Attenuation also allows Agility, Block, Dodge, and effects
 that improve evasion to further reduce the damage or even
 avoid the effect entirely! The effectiveness of these
 defenses also depends on the distance from the focal point:
 the further the better, and they won't work at all if you're
 right in the focal point.
 - The UI will show attenuation by fading out cells when
 aiming an area effect ability: the more faded the cell, the
 less effect the ability is going to have.
 - What is the focal point of a given area effect? For lines
 and cones, it will be the affected spaces adjacent to the
 caster. For sphereical effects, it will be the center.
 - Needless to say, several demons, starting character packages,
 and modifiers have been changed based on this.
New Feature: Hybrid Modifiers
 - Elemental energy has arced through the Tower, causing some
 demons to change in new and unexpected ways.
 - Nine new random demon modifiers have been added that grant
 Fire, Ice, and Electricity powers geared towards melee use
 to those who receive them, including hybrid physical attacks
 that include these types.
 - Some demons now also naturally pass these modifiers on
 when used in Demon Fusion.
 - The player now always acts first after triggering the
 appearance of enemies from a corpse.
 - Corpses never spawn unusually high level demons anymore.
 After all, if the summoner who left the corpse had been able
 to tame such foes, perhaps they'd not have died?
 - Reduced the number of demons that appear in corpse
 encounters by 1.
 - Corpses will never spawn Relic Wraiths when searched by
 very, very low level summoners who have less than three
 allies of their own.
 - Despite this build using a new scoring version, ghosts from
 the 12/11/2016 scoring model can still be found within the
 Tower. This is probably the only time during alpha or
 beta that this sort of ghost carryover will occur. It is
 certainly the only time I will promise to do it, because
 it turns out this is a pain in the neck for a game still
 in very active development.
 - A couple of encounters on Tower:1 have been slightly
 reduced in difficulty.
 - Being weak to an element now increases damage and chances
 of status effects by 25%, reduced from 33% and 50%. 
 Weaknesses are now worth slightly less bonus HP as a result.
 - Damage randomization has been almost entirely removed.
 The only randomization present is a chance for fractional
 damage to resolve as a +1 instead. For example: 4.3
 damage will resolve as 4 damage 70% of the time, and 5
 damage 30% of the time.
 - Reduced damage dealt by attacks by about 8%.
 - Breath weapons are now much cheaper in terms of SP cost
 and cooldown, but now use % of SP instead of raw SP,
 meaningless Tireless can no longer be used to "overclock"
 - Cone effects now are shaped a bit more like cones and less
 like wedges.
 - Did a significant balance pass on Presence abilities,
 resulting in most of them now having significantly reduced
 cooldowns, and slightly adjusted (some up, some down) SP
 - Charisma is now a cooldown reduction instead of increased
 cooldown recovery.
 - Bravado now resets your Presence cooldown whenever you are
 attacked and left with less than half your HP.
 - When an enemy summoner is defeated, his inactive demons are
 now always put to Sleep, regardless of Mind resistance,
 and have Ignite and Poison removed. This is intended to
 give the player at least one fair shot at a demon of their
 choice, if they went to the trouble of keeping it alive
 during the battle.
 - All SP removal/drain effects used on enemies are now %
 based. Granted, before this build, there weren't many any
 way, but still worth noting.
 - Reduced the SP cost and Power of the Life Siphon, Life
 Drain, Vigor Siphon, and Vigor Drain abilities.
 - Reduced the discount Ritualist provides, but made that
 discount trigger on more abilities.
 - Gluttony now also affects SP draining.
 - Mending now has a lower SP cost, and the Mended status
 it applies has a shorter duration.
 - All damaging attacks now do at least 1 damage unless the
 target is outright Immune to the damage type involved.
 - Drop Bears are now slightly more patient with summoners
 attempting to recruit them.
 - Reduced the SP costs of "battle cry" buffs a bit.
 - Increased the SP cost of most "movement attack" abilities
 that don't have cooldowns.
 - Haunt now only attempts 1 turn delay instead of 2, and
 has had its casting cost and cooldown adjusted accordingly.
 - The Eye of the Dragon has a new Dark primary starting
 - The Faithful Heart has a new Fire primary starting option.
 - The warnings received for having a party member at low
 HP while Poisoned/Ignited are now much more accurate:
 you will only receive warnings if a character would die
 in 4 or less turns as its current rate of damage/turn.
 - These warnings can also be argued with a bit more easily:
 attempting any 'auto' action such as resting, exploring,
 or quick travel will proceed 1 step before stopping and
 re-warning you, rather than sometimes not letting you use
 these features at all.
 - Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss allow you to do a normal
 Summon or Dismiss on the same turn you did a Quick Summon
 or Quick Dismiss. This is probably a bit overpowered, but
 the user experience was so obnoxious I'm willing to live
 with it until the next pass on Upgrades. 
 - Demon now gives the full path of Record files whenever
 they are generated, to make them easier to find.
 - Made it much harder to miss when Panic, Paralysis, and
 Charm cause the player to lose actions or have those
 actions changed.
 - Relic Wraiths now give their ID number when you look at
 their descriptions in their character sheets, which may
 come in handy for debugging / telling multiple wraiths of
 the same name apart.
 - Cleaned up wording on "half accuracy" abilities like
 Clobber and Eat Alive.
 - The AI's evaluation of area effects has been improved.
 The AI now considers additional factors such as the
 resistance/immunity of potential targets, whether or
 not it feels a higher target count may be available next
 turn, how 'conditional' the ability is, and other factors
 when deciding when to use area effects.
 - Characters now pay heed to whether or not they can already
 reach all of their enemies with all of their attacks when
 deciding whether or not to move and in general are much
 more reluctant to move when there is no need to.
 - Enemy summoners are now very reluctant to give melee-range
 abilities to demons that do not already have them.
 - The penalty to evaluations for anticipated Blocks, Dodges,
 Parries has been capped at 50% for each of these defenses:
 a chance higher than this will not make the AI any more
 reluctant to attack.
 - The AI is considerably more reluctant to use "stagger"
 effects when outnumbered, and considerably more eager to
 use them when outnumbering their foes.
 - The AI is now a bit more eager to remove Poison status
 from allies.
 - The AI now evaluates SP consumption somewhat better when
 deciding what abilities to use and when.
Bug Fixes
 - Fixed a bug where Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss could
 sometimes fail, even when Paralyzed.
 - Fixed a couple of typos in ability names, and a case of an
 ability and modifier sharing the same name, which was
 - Fixed a bug where the wrong directory was being used for
 Save and Record files, causing the game to be unplayable
 due to permission settings on some sytems.
 - Fixed a bug where some multi-hit abilities never attempted
 their 2nd or later attacks if the first one missed.
 - Cleaned up some minor, obscure bugs that may have prevented
 some more esoteric abilities from properly triggering
 special effects. (Example: Exorcism and Mien passives.)
 - Fixed various typos in ability descriptions, most notably
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Progress Report

I’ll be updating this post as we go:

Remaining Open Bugs  : 0 (last update: 7:15am CDT 3/25/2017)
Final Testing        : In Progress! (last update: 10:50pm CDT 3/22/2017)
Planned Release Date : 3/31/2017, sometime before 11:55pm CDT

Once the open bugs are at 0, I’ll begin final testing. Once final testing is complete and open bugs remain at 0, I’ll finally be able to release this build. :) Won’t be long now!

Dark Dragons

A short post, but I wanted to show off one of my favorite new abilities, and the starting package I stuck it in. :D


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So close! Hang in there :D

So close now… just a few things left!

x Small (but numerous) balance tweaks I’ve noted, but not yet implemented.
x Small adjustments to Relic starting packages to account for attenuation mechanic and some new abilities I want to insert.
* Various small bug fixes.
* Testing… testing… testing…

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Google Drive Will Be Phased Out… Soonish

Google Drive recently offended me again by confusing another innocent would-be Demon player with its ridiculous interface. This is the straw that broke the ferret’s back.

As soon as I’m not drowning in build stuff, I’m going to set the download links on the website here to all point to itch.io instead. I had initially avoided this step because I didn’t want the only download option to be the one that also serves as the donation box since I didn’t want people to feel like they have to donate, but at this point Google Drive’s aggro has built up high enough where I’m more concerned its crappy interface is costing me players than I am about sending all downloads through the optional donation box.

Even after doing this, in order to give people time to update their links, I will probably continue to keep the build folders on Google Drive updated, but I will add a readme file indicating that this will probably end soon and that they should go itch.io instead.

Just for the record: Demon will always be totally free. Donations are appreciated, and (minus itch’s cut, Paypal’s cut, and taxes) are put into the piggy bank I use to fund periods of full time development, but entirely optional.

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Old Foes With New Tricks

One of the less advertised features of the build that introduces the first Tier 3 content is that I also decided to bump up Tier 2′s difficulty slightly. The most noticeable side effect of this is that some Tier 2 demons can now have 5 abilities, and Tier 2 uniques can have 7 abilities. Here’s a few examples of the new stuff you’ll see in what used to be old, familiar places.






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