Mouse Controls Progress

Mouse controls are coming along fairly well so far. :) If I could figure out a meaningful way to screenshot the progress other than showing things being highlighted by a mouse cursor, I’d provide them. :P

Going to try to get as close to full mouse controls in this one pass as possible, but I will confess I lose my patience/endurance for UI work at a fairly rapid pace. So I’m focusing on major elements first (hotkey buttons, targeting, menu selection) and working my way down the priority list from there. :)

After mouse controls, I will get to adding in-game descriptions of characters (I know, I know, but I REALLY mean it this time! :D ) I’ve had several people mention they’ve gotten curious enough to Google some of their favorites up, hopefully soon I can spare them the trouble, so I know there are folks who want it. :)

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6/14: Polish, Polish, Polish

New build is out, links to the right have been updated. :D

In this build, I’m taking care of some polish tasks before moving on to ┬ámouse controls. :) Overall gameplay balance, AI, and UI have all received some improvements. :D

Big ticket items:

  • Support abilities (buffs and heals) no longer require clear lines of fire.
  • Several area effect projectiles (mostly Rune effects, but also one ability: Fireball) can now be aimed short of their maximum range, making them a bit easier to use.
  • Sleep and Charm have been slightly reduced in duration.
  • Group movement no longer lets faster allies range far ahead of the player.
  • The UI will warn you when attempting to use hostile abilities when all enemy targets are immune to them.
  • Demons are now much more persistent about pursuit. Beware!
  • Further adjustments to how different groups of the same faction communicate with each other: enemies a bit less effectively (to further reduce swarming behaviors), allies a bit more effectively (so that player allies support friendly link targets better.

Enjoy! :D

6/5: Hiding Between One And Two

A new build already? Yep. :D

6/5 adds Demon’s first (non placeholder that is!) side-dungeon! Look for the dark stairs on the tower’s second floor!


But, keep in mind, each side-dungeon only has a chance of appearing: they aren’t constant fixtures of the dungeon. For the new one, the chance is currently 50%, so you won’t see it every game.

Also made some other small balance and AI tweaks, but nothing too major or exciting. 6/5 still uses the same scoring model, so players running 6/5 can compete with 5/30 scores fairly. :)

Good luck, and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. :) I want to make the best roguelike I can, after all, and that means a steady diet of good feedback. :D