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Not too much to say, but a bit to show. :) I’ve been chipping away at the ability icons. Bit of a heavy period at work last week and this coming week, so not as quick as I’d like, but slow progress is better than no progress. :D


Ability Design Complete!

Alrighty, I’ve finished the ability design for the upcoming end-game build. :)

A little to my surprise, it turns out we’re looking at over *100* new abilities coming into the game. As you’d probably expect, while most of the new abilities are not exclusive to the end-game characters being added, many of them will only show up on Tier 2-3 or Unique modifiers…. but, that said, there will be a non insignificant number likely to show up earlier than that too.

I’d originally planned to do the character sprites next, but since ability previews are *much* less spoilery on average than character previews for a build like this, I’m going to reverse course and work on ability icons first. That will enable me to start doing ability previews sooner, which will be good preview content without also being super spoilery. :D

See you next update!

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It’s…! (Part 1B)

It’s Merlin! :D

We had one correct guess (out of two :P ), but as I was a little worried might happen, things got muddy because of the license I had to take with the abilities for gameplay reasons. While (at least as far as I know from my research) Merlin never possessed the Grail or Calesvol’s (more commonly known as Excalibur) scabbard in mythology, for his role in Demon I assumed he was able to track them down (since he had guided heroes to them in the past) and put their powers to use for…. well, for purposes that will be revealed in the future. :)

ShinQuickMan, I’d be curious to know: what about his abilities seemed in conflict with the character, if it was more than the Grail/Calesvol link I described? The fun part of studying mythology for major characters is that there’s a metric ton of material, so it’s entirely possible I missed something myself. :D Lemme know what you were thinking in the comments, or on the forum if you prefer.

As for progress, I’m continuing on with designing abilities: the new heroes and the minions are done, so it’s on to the unique demons. I’d originally planned to do sprites next and I may still, but I also may implement the abilities first instead, we’ll see how I’m feeling about it once I finish the ability design. Either one is progress, so it won’t matter from a release schedule point of view which I do first. :D