Crowded Tower is Crowded

Whew. This has turned out to be a bit beefier of a build than I was expecting, but we’re getting close. :)

Check out the full roster of characters that will be living in the Tower after the next build is released. :D My continuing thanks to Geminimax for providing awesome character art for them. :D


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New Abilities at the New Top

The demons being added to populate floors 18, 19, and 20 have some interesting new abilities. :) Here’s a quick peek at the icons. :D


From top to bottom, left to right: Leading Edge, Ritualist, Withering Grasp, Leadership, Rhino Charge, Wither, Inspire, Reaper’s Mien, Wintery Touch, Grand Slam, Rabblerouser, Vitiating Grasp, Frozen Heart, Overpower, Vitiate, Frost Armor, Mobility, Rousing Cry, Snowstorm, Storm Heart, Stormfront, Thunderous, Vengeful, Eviscerate, Lethal Claw, Life bloom, Love Tap, Major Pain, Meltdown, Menacing Shout, Minor Pain, Arrest Host, Burning Claw, Burning Star, Chain Lightning, Cleansing Rain, Distracting Cry, Ember Heart, and Eternal Glory.

With these, Demon will be just shy of 350 abilities. :D

Next up will be a preview of the art for the new floors’ occupants. I hope everyone’s enjoying the Anomaly (or, if you haven’t reached it yet, the battle to get there.) Until next time, good luck in the Tower. :)

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Up next: Tower:18-20 and more

Continuing on the content march, the next build will add 3 more floors to the main Tower dungeon, bringing it to 20 floors.

Of course, since these are being added to the current end of the game, they will contain some of the nastiest demons yet. :)

The build will also include other goodies, of course, but 18-20 will be the main focus. :) Stay tuned, more info will be coming up relatively soon. :D

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5000 :D

As of a bit earlier today, Demon reached 5000 games played. :) 2500 was hit back on October 17th, so that’s roughly 33 games a day on average since then. Not a huge number in the scheme of things, but for little still-semi-hidden Demon, it’s more than enough to make me happy for now. :D

Thank you everyone, and I hope you continue to enjoy playing. :)

I’d also like to thank Geminimax for the character art he has provided, and continues to make as new content is added. :) I’m sure it has been helpful for getting people interested. :) Thanks Geminimax! :D

1/1: Happy New Year!

The build that adds the 3 floor Anomaly branch to the game is posted! You can download it now from the build links to your right. :D

However, this build did quite a bit more than just add the Anomaly: several interesting and important balance and system changes also took place. The change log is quite extensive, you can read all about it in the change log I include with each build, or here at this link I’ve pasted to make it easier since they’re more extensive than normal. :)


What awaits you on the other side of such a strange portal? Only one way to find out! The Anomaly appears in every game: 50% chance of it appearing on Tower:5, 50% chance of it being on Tower:6 instead. Remember you can’t backtrack in the Tower: once you’ve found the floor it appears on, you must enter before leaving that floor, or give up the chance for that game.

Finally, as mentioned in previous posts, the scoreboard has been reset. It’s a brand new world out there, go see how far you can get! Good luck, and please enjoy your time in the Tower in 2016. :D

Testing Almost Complete

The dreaded snowlich and his evil forest(?) friends approach the entrance to the mysterious Anomaly… what will they find inside? Hopefully no bugs, so I can release this soon. :D


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