The Pug-mancer

Here’s another piece of great Demon art from Zyalin, this time based on a run of wizzzargh’s in which he decided to recruit lots of Freybugs. :D As I mentioned in the comments of one of the other pieces, I almost wish Demon had long enough load times to need loading screens. :P

Thanks again Zyalin!


Small Update

Work’s still extra-heavy at the moment, so unfortunately no significant new progress to report as of yet, but I did want to lay out what I want to finish before the first test build release:

[/] AI Summoners using Brands properly. (/ = partially complete)

[/] Stat-based and HP-based Brand modifiers

[ ] Relic Wraith support for Brands

[ ] Tooltips for Brands on Demons

[ ] Limit on Brand capacity for player

Notably, this is not a full list of what will be in the final build: just what I want done for the first test build. Other features (like some method to view old message log messages) will come during testing. :)

Work should let up a bit after this week and I’ll be able to make faster progress after that. Thanks for your patience, and good luck in the Tower!

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