Back At It

Alrighty, break time is over. :)

I’ve started work on the next build which (has previous discussed) will be small fixes build. Going to take care of a balance problem with Miasma Aura first, and then at least try to make save game data a little more protected against unexpected power outages by improving the backup system. There’s a couple of other improvements I intend to try too, but would rather save mentioning those until/unless I get them working right. (They aren’t THAT exciting for most folks; just some UI changes a couple of players have requested that I promised I’d try for. :P ) Cheers!

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Development Break Ending Soon

Hey folks. :) Just dropping a line to remind everyone my short break from Demon development will be ending soon, in about another week or so. After that, I’ll begin work on a small build with some improvements / bug fixes / balance changes, and following that, I’ll begin work on the Tower:27-29 build. :D Cheers!

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