Still More Demons

Part of why this update’s taking a bit is because I accidentally made it 2nd only to the Matter build in terms of the number of new characters. :D Here’s another preview to tide you over as I continue working towards release. :)

Jorogumo Kaliga-On Ijiraq Meamei Mothman Shiva Thor Valkyrie


As promised, a preview of some of the new demons, which I suspect (and hope) will be quite productive at making new wraiths. :) Demons with new abilities have one of them shown in a tooltip. :D

Athena Cherub Marmoo Sati Spriggan

40 Down, Not Many More To Go

Small progress update: I’ve implemented about 40 or so of the new abilities for the next build. :) I was tempted to wait until I was done with them to post again, but didn’t want to leave folks hanging longer than the usual week or so I go between posts. Next week’s update should include some demon and ability previews. :D