Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades

Hey. :) Still chomping away at the Upgrades build. It’s a big one and will be a bit longer than my normal 3-4 week build cycles probably, but I think it will be worth the wait. :D

For today’s screenshot, here’s a debug mode summoner who has every single upgrade possible all at the same time. :D


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Better Living Through Better Summoning

Here’s some more screenshots showing off some of the new Relic Upgrades. :) Far Summon and Quick Summon both modify your basic Summoning ability, by adding range, or eliminating the turn cost. :) Quick Dismiss removes the turn cost from Dismiss as well: having both Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss, both of which every Crown of Glory summoner starts with will mean never needing to spend your main character’s actual turns on ally management. :) Pretty handy!

Far Summon on the other hand, lets you (particularly with higher level/longer ranged versions of it, like Far Summon III shown below) position your demons right where you need them upon summoning. Summon melee guys directly in front of incoming enemies, summon supports well back from the main fight, etc. I expect this one to have many useful applications. :)

FarSummon1 FarSummon2 FarSummon3 Quick1

A Double Win!

Don’t see these too often: we have a double win on the scoreboard, courtesy of LuckyLuckLuc (or so I assume from the character’s name, Lucky Buff :D ) Congrats Lucky!


5/3: Of Mice and Wraiths

The new build is released! Grab it at the links on the right. :D

The main three changes in this build are:

1) The long-requested and finally added “off click to close” feature: right-clicking off of a pop-up window such as selecting a character to summon, choosing an item to use, etc. will now, if possible, close the window, just as if you had pressed Escape instead.

2) With thanks to ayayaya on the forums for the suggestion: Bonus MaxHP gained by using abilities no longer degrades over time, instead, it is lost when you take damage: 50% of the damage you take is also deducted from any bonus MaxHP you have. This allows professional drainers to keep bonus MaxHP around without having to micromanage resting/healing. Of course, this rule change also applies to the enemies… on the assumption they have encountered other foes in the past, any character that spawns with a MaxHP draining ability (including even negotiation demands) will generate with some bonus MaxHP added. :P

(Yep, even heroes spawn with bonus MaxHP if they have abilities like Vigor Siphon. Remember, you can right-click off his character sheet to close it once you’ve seen how many bonus MaxHP he spawned with! :D )

3) I finally fixed a long-standing issue where if you backed out of training/copy ability at any point, it automatically dumped you back to the neutral interface instead of just one menu back, in some cases. UI bugs are the worst. :P But, this one is finally dead! Yay!

And now, I am finally free to get back on to fun stuff, which I will have more to say about very soon! Stay tuned, and good luck in the Tower!

Next Build In Testing

Next build is now officially entering testing and should hopefully release soon. :) Testing might be a bit longer than normal since there’s some significant UI changes done that I want to try and make sure haven’t opened any terrible portals to hell (well, ones that I don’t want open anyway) before I release it. :) But, with any luck, it should be done quickly and I’ll be on to something much more exciting for almost everyone. :P

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