7/22: Small Update with Bug Fixes

Slowly working Demon back into my newly modified schedule. :) Have some bug fixes!

Update Notes, 7/22/2014

- All enemy characters on a level are fully healed when you leave that level.
- Nerfed the Lifegiver modifier by giving it some less useful ablities it can possibly generate with.
- Nerfed enemy summoners slightly by forbidding “modified demon” abilities from being passed out so much.

- Swap messages are suppressed outside of combat.
- The mouse no longer triggers tooltips when the window is not in focus.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that could cause allies to take the long way around to enemies in rare circumstances.
- Fixed a bug causing the opening title to sometimes flicker white unintentionally.
- Fixed a bug causing the Portal Search button to stay lit if used when there are no known portals.
- Fixed a bug where attempting to hold Alt (such as for Alt+PrintScreen for screen shots) triggered manual reminders.
- Fixed a bug that caused a monster’s health rating to be “Dead” if it had more than 100 MaxHP and less than 1% HP.

Short Delay for Life :P

I started work again this week, so I imagine there will be a (hopefully very) brief period of time where I’m not too active while I adjust to my new schedule/workload. I plan to continue working on Demon at a fairly good clip even with the new job, though there’s no denying I’ll have less time for it.

Next update will add T:13 to T:15 to the tower, which includes 9 demons, 1 unique demon, 1 summoner, 1 hero, and the new abilities therein. :) I’ve started the design work already, and will be moving onto art next. I’ll post some pictures once I’ve gotten some good progress on the art :D

7/12 build is up! Beware of enemy summoners and new unique demons!

Builds link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-sx_4eW-B5hWnhNZlRPclZLeUU&usp=drive_web

Also finally got it to where messages for things you don’t see happening no longer post to the message log. :) But, the new enemy summoners are the big deal. Enjoy!

Update Notes, 7/11/2014

New: Enemy Summoners
- Enemy summoners now exist as possible encounters!
- Like you, enemy summoners choose, train, summon, and unsummon their allies.
- Enemy summoners’ minions cannot be recruited until the summoner is defeated.
- But what happens to demons not currently active when a summoner is defeated anyway…?

- Two new unique demons have been spotted in the tower, one near the lower levels, and one near the middle.
- Two enemy summoners, one near the middle of the tower, and one near the current top, are reportedly taking on all comers.

- Juggernaut is now much more effective.
- The cooldowns on all Endure-cooldown abilities have been reduced. (This is mostly just a buff for Unconquerable, the passive which actually allows Endure cooldowns to decrease during combat.)
- Cleansing Dance and Slash Dance are now treated as movement abilities for various purposes (Swiftness, Evade Step.)

Bug Fixes
- Messages for actions the player did not see happen no longer appear in the message log.
- Fixed a bug where being Stunned while Sleeping could cause the player to gain a turn in which they could do nothing.
- Fixed a bug where cooldowns for Endure abilities were displayed improperly.


Enemy Summoner Screenshots

New build is getting close to being done! Here’s a few screenshots related to enemy summoners!


Ludoc is the first summoner you’re likely to meet…and yep, if Headless didn’t spawn earlier in the game, you may see him as one of Ludoc’s pals. As you can see, just like you, enemy summoners will unsummon and summon their allies as needed. And of course, no recruiting their allies (at least, not while the summoner is still alive…)


Killing a summoner causes their relic to go a bit nuts…

…releasing all of the demons at once, though with various Mind-flavor bad status. However, at this point you can recruit them. Enemy summoners customize their demons just like you do, so they may have some very powerful allies you can snag if you play your cards right.

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Coming soon: Enemy summoners :D

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. :) Working on adding enemy summoners to the game for the next build, to give another type of encounter to die horribly to… er.. I mean enjoy, enioy. :D Will post screenshots fairly soon hopefully. :D

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