Tiny Delay

Hey folks,

The sprites are pretty much done, but there will be a slight delay on the next progress update as I transition from one job to another. :) Don’t worry, the delay will be brief (probably just need a week or so to get everything sorted out properly.)

Ferret At Rest


Taking a brief break over a long weekend to enjoy Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. :D I’ll keep an eye on the forum in case any horrid bugs come up with the Brand Test Builds though. :) Good luck in the tower until I get back in the saddle next week!


New computer is up and running. Will finish reinstalling things tomorrow and then it’s back to work with… the remaining one day of Thanksgiving break. :( Ah well, I shouldn’t complain, this happening on the break at least meant I had time to focus on it and deal with it quickly.

Build Release Target: This Weekend

A little later than I’d hoped, but I should have the next build (with improved full screen mode and other fixes/quality of life improvements) ready by sometime this weekend. :)

I’ll probably have to go dark for a bit after that; we’re only about a couple of weeks out from a major deadline at work. But, once that is past, we’ll get started on something new. :D Cheers!

…and, encounter data entry is done. :D

Here’s the new checklist. :) The only remaining task before the test build release is finishing the character sprites; bug fixing will happen while the test build is being tested, when that is complete, that’ll be the real release. :D

1) <in progress> My versions of the character sprites. (Probably the biggest chunk left, but I’ve done some already at least.)
2) <done> Creating new modifiers, updating existing modifiers.
3) <done> Updating character creation (adding Matter options, resistances/weaknesses when appropriate)
4) <done> Capture mechanics for the new demons
5) <done> Placing all the new demons into encounter charts
6) <done> Sanctums for the new uniques, when appropriate
7) Deciding which bugs on the bug list I want to address before release, and addressing them

Checking In

Hey. :) Looks like everyone’s enjoying the new build so far. :D

I’m still on break, but I wanted in check in and say we’re on the downhill part of it now and I should be getting back to development work before too much longer. :)

Until then, good luck in the Tower!

Persona 5

If you’re a long time follower of Demon’s development, you probably saw this coming. :P

Persona 5 comes out in a few hours.

I have recently been super busy between work and doing development for Demon.

Due to these facts, I will be shifting into “bug fixes and communications only” mode for a bit while I relax, recharge, and play an awesome game in my favorite game series. :D

Thank you for playing Demon, and good luck in the Tower! I’ll be around, so this isn’t goodbye, just a notice that I won’t be doing active dev work for a little bit. Cheers!

(If you’re a worrywart and worry this is one of those many departures into the night for an in-dev roguelike, here’s a brief history of all the other times I’ve wandered off and come back :P  http://demon.ferretdev.org/devblog/category/uncategorized/ )