New computer is up and running. Will finish reinstalling things tomorrow and then it’s back to work with… the remaining one day of Thanksgiving break. :( Ah well, I shouldn’t complain, this happening on the break at least meant I had time to focus on it and deal with it quickly.

Build Release Target: This Weekend

A little later than I’d hoped, but I should have the next build (with improved full screen mode and other fixes/quality of life improvements) ready by sometime this weekend. :)

I’ll probably have to go dark for a bit after that; we’re only about a couple of weeks out from a major deadline at work. But, once that is past, we’ll get started on something new. :D Cheers!

…and, encounter data entry is done. :D

Here’s the new checklist. :) The only remaining task before the test build release is finishing the character sprites; bug fixing will happen while the test build is being tested, when that is complete, that’ll be the real release. :D

1) <in progress> My versions of the character sprites. (Probably the biggest chunk left, but I’ve done some already at least.)
2) <done> Creating new modifiers, updating existing modifiers.
3) <done> Updating character creation (adding Matter options, resistances/weaknesses when appropriate)
4) <done> Capture mechanics for the new demons
5) <done> Placing all the new demons into encounter charts
6) <done> Sanctums for the new uniques, when appropriate
7) Deciding which bugs on the bug list I want to address before release, and addressing them

Checking In

Hey. :) Looks like everyone’s enjoying the new build so far. :D

I’m still on break, but I wanted in check in and say we’re on the downhill part of it now and I should be getting back to development work before too much longer. :)

Until then, good luck in the Tower!

Persona 5

If you’re a long time follower of Demon’s development, you probably saw this coming. :P

Persona 5 comes out in a few hours.

I have recently been super busy between work and doing development for Demon.

Due to these facts, I will be shifting into “bug fixes and communications only” mode for a bit while I relax, recharge, and play an awesome game in my favorite game series. :D

Thank you for playing Demon, and good luck in the Tower! I’ll be around, so this isn’t goodbye, just a notice that I won’t be doing active dev work for a little bit. Cheers!

(If you’re a worrywart and worry this is one of those many departures into the night for an in-dev roguelike, here’s a brief history of all the other times I’ve wandered off and come back :P  http://demon.ferretdev.org/devblog/category/uncategorized/ )

Starting New Job on Monday

Hey folks. :) Just a small note: I’m starting a new job on Monday, so my hours available for Demon work are going to drop a bit. Based on past experience, the drop in Demon will work will be heaviest just as I start the new job, but will slowly ramp up a bit after that as I settle into the new groove. As a result, updates may be a bit sparse the next few weeks, but don’t worry: progress will always be happening, just maybe a bit slower than at previous times. :)


Hey folks. :P

So. XCOM 2 is coming out in… 12 hours or so.

Barring any massive problems with the recent build, I will probably be a bit of a rare encounter until Monday or so. :)

But, I’ll be back on my normal Demon work schedule after that. :D

Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker break :D

Tomorrow, Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker comes out. :D Given one of Demon’s inspirations is the Shin Megami Tensei series, as usual, Demon time for the next week or so will be diverted to enjoying this new entry. :) I hope everyone is enjoying the 4/26 build!