Up Next: Relic Selection

If you’ve read the teeny bit of story information in the manual or gleaned it from in-game descriptions of summoners you encounter, you already know that relics are the devices that allow summoners to be summoners: they grant the ability to control, summon, train, and learn the abilities of the demons encountered in the tower.

However, there are actually many kinds of relics, each with their own properties and traits. Starting with the next major build of Demon, you will have the ability to choose which relic to use when creating characters.

Relic selection will occur before your starting elements and starting ally are chosen. Your choice of relic will determine several things, including:

  • Character sprite, starting stats, and resistances.
  • What elements are available as primaries, and what abilities, resistance changes, and starting stat changes they offer. (The same element may not behave the same on different relics.)
  • What elements are available as secondaries, and what ability and starting stat changes they offer. (Some elements may only be available as secondaries on given relics.)

For the first pass, relics will have significant effects, but still maintain the same basic style of gameplay. Two expansions upon the idea will come in later builds: relics that provide unique bonuses outside of stat, resistance, and ability changes, and relics that fundamentally change basic game rules.

I’ll have more details to share about the first set of relics soon. :) Cheers!

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7/23: A Small Group of Small Fixes

Nothing too exciting in this build, an adjustment of the time limits on some “defeat X enemy” capture requirements, a small upgrade to hotkey button tooltip UI, and some typo fixes in a few descriptions, But, I wanted to go ahead and do this before getting into the implementation work on anything bigger, so here you are. :)

There sure are lots of you all of a sudden…

A funny thing has happened in the last 96 hours or so…

From 5/30 to about 7/16 or so, there were 120 or so games of Demon recorded on the scoreboard. From 7/17 to now, there have been another 75 or so games. This is kind of an exciting uptick in interest. :D So first, thanks to everyone who is trying it out, and I hope you’re having fun. :D

So, I bring this up to ask a question: I had a forum setup here once for Demon, but I closed it because I had lots of spammers but practically no real users (and the few I had were friends I goaded to use it in hopes of it avoiding looking COMPLETELY empty. :P ) Even people who asked if I had a forum tended to take one look at the total lack of activity and run away quickly. :P

Is there any interest in me turning the forum back on? If there will be real users there, I’m willing to war with the spammers. If I hear from even a few folks who would be interested in posting, I’ll be happy to turn it back on. :D

Either way though, thanks again to everyone for trying out Demon. :) It’s been awesome watching the scoreboard fill up so (relative to previous norms) rapidly. :D Let me also add a shout out to summoner Xavier, who so far leads the new class of players, having reached Tower:7 on one of his games already. Just under half way to the (current!) top of the tower. :D Not bad!

I’ll post again soon with an update on what I’m working on for the next build. Cheers!

7/17: The True Nature of Things

New build is up, with character descriptions added to the game. :D

Every demon, unique, hero, and summoner now has a description, which can be viewed in their character sheets. The character description page of the sheets is the default page when viewing characters via inspect or the View Party menu, so they will be easy to find. Remember you can use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to change pages in character sheets (a feature which I admit has not been terribly useful before this build. :) )

I’ve tried to keep the descriptions interesting but reasonably brief, and I think I for the most part succeeded. I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. :D