The checklist for the next full build had 126 items on it. (I get a bit detailed in these things sometimes.) Only 6 are left. :D Going to try to finish these up today and tomorrow, test most of tomorrow, and mmaaayybe release Friday if nothing weird happens? :D Stay tuned. :)

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12/26: Neither Is This One

Sorry, still not the Anomaly build, but that’s getting very close. :P This is an interim build that fixes two bugs (one a nasty one) with capture mechanics that ask you to kill X demons over Y turns. Thanks go to Geminimax for the bug report. :D

Not much else to say, so go grab it. :D Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or other chosen flavor of winter holiday. :D

Spamming the Reset Scores Key

One thing worth mentioning before the first content push build comes out:

Score resets will probably become much more frequent during this period, since significant content pushes greatly change how many points are available in a given run, and how easy/difficult it is to get a given number of points.

There will be a score reset with the build containing the new Anomaly dungeon branch, which, barring any more awful AI bugs coming up, will be the next build released. :) Most other builds that add content will also be score reset occasions, which could mean it happens often.

Strive for victory, but records will be fleeting. :)

Of course: older versions retain the ability to see older scores, so if you have one you’re really proud of, you can keep an old version around to see your name in lights whenever you like. :D

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12/15: This Is Not The Build You Were Looking For

Well, probably not. :) This is NOT, I repeat, NOT the content build yet: instead, it is a fix for an recently discovered and quite annoying AI quirk that was unfortunately high enough priority to interrupt the content push to stop and fix.

However, as a bonus, it also includes the drop shadows I had already added to Demon’s fonts, which should improve readability of in-game text, particularly in smaller resolutions. :)

That’s really all this build does, most of the other work since the 12/3 build has been on the new content, which isn’t ready to release yet, but it’s coming along nicely. :)

Builds are over at the usual links on the right, like always. :) Have fun, and good luck in the tower!

AI Fix Build In Progress

Hey guys :) Just wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a hopefully short break from work on the Anomaly (the new multi-floor side dungeon being added) to fix a significant AI bug that has come up. :D ETA is hopefully 12/15 or 12/16, and then I’ll be back on the content work. Cheers!

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12/3: For the Record

Wha? Another new build already? Yep. :D

This is a small, but potentially quite useful one: it adds a new party dump feature. Simply press F10 in game and a text file will be generated that contains everything (or at least quite a bit) anyone would probably ever want to know about your current game and party. The file is generated in the Records subdirectory of Demon’s file structure.

Here’s a pastebin of what a very early game one looks like:

Hopefully this will be useful when discussing builds/strategies with other players. :) Enjoy!

12/1: Quit the Bug Hunt

New build posted. :) Nothing toooo exciting yet, the first batch of new content is still in the design phase, but I wanted to get some bug fixes out before that drops. :)

One of the bugs fixed is a nasty one: exiting Demon in full screen mode used to cause your resolution to drop by one slot the next time you played! Unfortunately, fixing it on systems it has happened on requires a tiny bit of manual labor: simply close Demon while it is not running in full-screen mode, then re-open it, with the 12/1 build. The bug will be gone. :) Thanks to Sandman25 for discovering and helping me test a fix for the bug. :)

This build also fixes a nasty bug where Bloodthirst and Gluttony were cancelling out instead of working together. :P Boo.

Finally, I added a save and quit command (shift + Q) for full screen mode convenience. To prevent unfortunate accidents involving ctrl + Q, the abandon character command, that now requires you enter the name of your summoner in order to use it.