An Ugly Horrid (Not So) Little Monster

Catoblepas! 1 left!

Note: Once I have finished the last sprite, the test build will be released the next evening I have free following that. (Likely candidates: Monday, Wednesday, or the upcoming weekend.) It will not happen instantly after finishing the last sprite, though that will be pretty close! :D


Test Build Will Release Week of 2/11-2/17

The test build will be released sometime during the week of 2/11 – 2/17. :) Sorry I can’t be more specific: with work as heavy as it’s been I don’t have a precise ability to judge my free time for Demon work other than weekends.

As mentioned before, the test build will be announced here, but the links will be on the forums. You will not need to sign up for the forums to view them, nor will there be any other restriction on their download or usage: the only reason I’m doing anything different at all is I want to at least try to make sure people who download it know it is a test build and may be buggier than usual, possibly even to a severe degree: hence I don’t want to just update the usual links, which people might be getting to from who knows where, or without even seeing this or any other message to that effect.

As a reminder: this test build does *not* necessarily include any fixes I’ve said “will be included in the Matter build.” Those will still happen before the actual, real Matter build release, but they will be in progress while folks are hammering on the test build and reporting issues. I will update the test build, possibly, when significant chunks of bugs have been fixed, depending on how my time goes and how severe the bugs are.

Finally: be aware there is a HIGH probability that ghosts/scores from the test build will NOT carry over to the actual release. :P This isn’t the time for Tower:23 ghost making. :)

I want to thank everyone for their patience. This build took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would when I planned it out while still between jobs. :P I hope it will be worth the wait. Cheers, and good luck in what will soon be a very different Tower…