11/4: It’s Always Something

Small bug fix release that addresses a bug 11/3 introduced with player allies sometimes refusing to acknowledge former enemies are friends now that you’re working on capturing them (Headless, Asrai, etc.)

Thanks go out  to Rogueliker, whose stream of Demon I spotted this during last night. :D

Rogueliker Streaming Demon tonight around 7:45 PST

Hey everyone. :) Rogueliker will be streaming some gameplay from the lower levels of the Tower tonight around 7:45 PST on his YouTube stream, linked here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/Rogueliker1/live

If you’re looking for some insight into how survive the first floors of the tower, this could be a great chance to pick up some good tactics and strategy. I’ll be there as well (crappy internet permitting!), so stop by and say hello!

Rogueliker has also mentioned he will likely do a Sunday stream to celebrate the release of Demon’s ARRP 2015 build, I’ll post again when I have specifics on that. :D

See you there!

Rogueliker Streaming Demon

Rogueliker has been busy lately, using YouTube’s new streaming service to livestream Demon playthroughs. :D

Wednesday’s Stream:

Thursday’s Stream:

There will be another stream on his channel today at 8:00 PST. :) Stop by and cheer him on, he’s currently on Tower:8 in his current game, a personal best for him. :D Here’s a link to his YouTube stream: https://www.youtube.com/c/Rogueliker1/live

I should have another post later today about a small, but often requested feature I’m working on: nicknames for your demon allies. :) This is a small one, so even with the minor fixes/tweaks I’m packaging with it, it should be out soon. :D