7/26: Not Forgotten

This is definitely NOT the Matter build :P

It IS still an important one: it fixes a fairly glaring AI bug that at least sometimes made player allies reluctant to heal the player unless he was very near death and sometimes not even then. It’s fixed now, but yikes… probably the nastiest bug I’ve let out the door in a long time.

Links at the right have been updated.

Thank you to everyone who reported issues with this, with extra tanks for oneeyedjoe, who actually managed to catch a save file of it happening to send to me; this ended up being allowed me to finally pin down the bug.

Good luck in the Tower!

Plugging Away at the Next Build

The next build (adding Matter, an entirely new element/ability type) to the game is a pretty big one.

Annnnd, I’m still in the “adjusting” phase of my new job.

Between those facts, it’s probably going to be one of our slower build cycles. I will post information and screenies as they become available, but the pace is going to be a bit slow at the start while I’m still heavily in the design phases and adjusting to the new job’s effects on my schedule.

But, slow or not, work *is* progressing, and hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll have more details to share! Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

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7/15: Sneaky Sneaky

I’ve updated the links at the right with the new 7/15 build, including some good bug fixes and the new and improved expanded command functionality! I won’t be posting this elsewhere until sometime tomorrow to give a little more time to find any lurking bugs, but I *think* we’re solid on this one. We’ll see soon enough at any rate! Cheers!

Next Build In Testing

Aiming for a Thursday or Friday release: this is a small one, but it includes some important bug fixes and the new, slightly expanded capabilities for commanding your demons. :)

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Slightly Expanded Commands Preview

A quick peek at the interface for commands. As previously discussed, nothing too exciting yes, but switching commands over to a hamburger format will let me add more to the list later. Even already, Focus Fire and Cancel Command will probably get a fair bit of use. :D


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Coming Next

Apologies for the slightly long delay on posting a blog update: this is the first week of my new job so my brain’s spending a bit more time on that as I settle in at my new home.

Some quick updates on what’s coming next, in relative order of awesomeness:

1) Another relatively small update which will include a few more non-critical bug fixes, but also the slightly more interesting…

2) …beginnings of an attempt to expand the “command allies” functionality of the game, which will include the ability to cancel previously given orders, as well as a new variant of the “kill command” that leaves out support demons from the order. Only a nibble in terms of gameplay, but much of the work here behind the scenes will be in laying the ground work for future more interesting additions later. But the most exciting change coming up in the build after this bug fix + command expansion one will be…

3) …the long awaited addition of the Matter element! Matter joins Body and Mind as being one of “negative support” elements. With Matter, you will gain access to acid, disintegration, entanglement, blinding, and even petrification-based abilities. As with Body and Mind, there will be hybrid physical attacks and related passives that make use of some of these effects as well. Matter will be fully integrated into the game when released, including new starting options, abilities on existing demons, new demons with Matter abilities, Matter-themed modifiers, and so on. :D

Things will remain a bit slow as I adjust to my new job, but the work continues nonetheless! Thanks for your patience, and good luck in the Tower!

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