Lore bug fix coming

Hey folks,

We’ve had our first visitor (and winner!) to the new endgame content, who noticed a bug with the lore text on two of the new heroes. I’ll be posting an update that fixes this later tonight. Cheers!

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10/26: The Climax Of The Tower

The new build is ready, and the links at the right have been updated. :D

As previously discussed over the past few months, this build adds Demon’s endgame content to the dungeon, starting with Tower:30. About this I won’t be saying much else, other than good luck and don’t forget about your items. :)

This build also includes new status icon art as part of Ontoclasm’s art set, as well as updated versions of older sprites by Geminimax. Thank you very much, both of you!

There are also a few bug fixes, but the art and the endgame are the main meal here. :) If you aren’t able to get to the top of the Tower yet… well, that’s why the previous build was about pretty much everything EXCEPT the end game. :P Fair’s fair.

Good luck in the Tower… you’ll really need it from now on.


Just About There…

Hey folks. :) Small update: pretty much the only things left are implementing the slightly different dungeon generation logic I need for the final floors, addressing a few non-end game content bugs that’re on the list, and some final testing. We’re still on target for sometime this month for the release. :D Cheers!

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