Hitting the Books

Hey folks. :) Just a small update to let you know I’m currently in the “research” phase of the Tower: 27-29 build, i.e.: digging through mythological references to find appropriate demons for the next floors of the Tower. :D I should be ready to share specifics about some of the new demons you’ll be encountering soon with my next update. Cheers!

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5/17: A New Way of Looking At Things

The new build is out! Links at the right have been updated, so grab away. :)

This build was pretty much entirely about UI upgrades, with a couple of bug fixes as well. Included are durations on enchantment icons, damage and healing values show in message logs, a new startup menu, and some other smaller improvements.

The next build will add floors 27-29 to the Tower: that means new demons and new abilities. :D Until next time, good luck in the Tower!

A New Beginning

Also in the next build: a new start up menu that allows you to access options and the Shared or Spoiled versions of the Codex Daemonium. (You still have to enter the game a specific character to view the Codex in Solo mode.) Hopefully this will help improve visibility of the option menu, and fulfill a player request to allow Codex access from outside the main game. :)


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