Currency Progress :D

Have a screenshot, and below it, a brief explanation. :D


Currency, found throughout the Tower, is in part being used to replace some older under performing or troubled systems. Two such systems are the “training point” system used to transfer abilities between demons and the “ability teaching” system used by the player’s main character to learn abilities from demons.

These systems were good first passes, but time and feedback had exposed some flaws in them: training points tended to accumulate both too slowly and too quickly. :P Players often felt obligated to keep demons around for a significant period of time just to transfer their abilities around, and yet also, well-used demons tended to end up with tons of excess training points that could be used to game the system by teaching an ability to them from a demon with only 1 point, then using their much larger pool to spread it around as desired

The new system of simply buying training directly with currency is much more straightforward. Generally speaking, you have much more control over ability copying now (since it is no longer tied to individual demons’ training point pools)… but counterbalancing that are the facts that currency is a shared resource with other systems, and that training has been priced such that the total number of ability copies available will be less than before. Fewer, but better, ability copies, is the outcome.

You may notice the main character has a training cost listed as well: direct purchase of training has also replaced the “ability teaching” system. :) However, one old rule still applies: while the main character can be taught by demons, they cannot teach demons. This allows starting abilities and abilities learned by defeating heroes to remain semi-restricted and powerful, since they still cannot be immediately copied around to an entire party just because the main character learned them.

More details about these systems, as well as information about the other things currency will be useful for, will be coming soon. :D Cheers!

Small bug fix coming tomorrow

Need to put out a small fix for a bug that can be found around Tower:18 or so when attempting to negotiate with a Shojo. Should have it out early tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, and thanks to wizaaarrrgh for the quick bug report. :D

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3/22: Zoomed In

New build is out, download links have been updated. :D Lots of good polishy/balancey bits in this one. Next up, currency. :D A list of the major changes can be found below the screenshot. :)


Some of the bigger things included in the 3/22 build:

  • (Hopefully) cleaned up texture errors that were occurring on a small number of machines.
  • Demons with non-aggressive ability sets are now considerably more reluctant to advance into melee when not under orders to do so.
  • Characters now need considerably less experience to reach 2nd level: this will usually happen mid-way through Tower:1 now. A bit less experience is also needed for 3rd level, this will sometimes happen as early as Tower:2.
  • Several demons have had their resistance tables adjusted, particularly corporeal undead found early in the game. Zombies in particular are very different from before on this point.
  • Some early encounters involving Ukobach, Preta, and Jiang Shi have been adjusted to introduce the concepts of ranged attacks, smite-targeting attacks, and leap attacks a bit more gently.
  • Auto-explore is somewhat more efficient in how it approaches filling out the level map.
  • Four new items can be found in the Tower: the Guardian Gem that briefly provides some protection from attacks for your party, the Magic Map that reveals the structure, portals, and items on a level, the Calm Card that immediately unsummons all of your allies as a free action, and finally, the Zephyr Card that immediately summons one ally at range as a free action.

Plenty of other stuff was added or changed as well, see the change log included with the downloads for more details. :) Enjoy, and good luck in the tower!

Next Release Soon, Then, On To Currency

Hey. :) Just a quick update on progress before I dive back into the code. :)

The next build, which is full of previously backlogged tweaks and improvements, should be out early next week. I’ll post more details about what is in with the build release post, but it’s some good stuff I think. :D

The build after that one will be all about adding currency to the game. :) This is kind of a big deal, it’s one of the few remaining major systems Demon has been missing. Adding it is part of a concentrated effort I am undertaking to finally begin to move Demon towards an actual beta. :D

The other major systems that will be following include glyphs, traits, summoner perks, and actual level generation. This isn’t the order I’ll do them, and is not an exhaustive list of all system work mind you, it’s just a list of the missing systems I consider major. :P

However, I still plan to mix in some content builds during the process of implementing these so that old hands have some new things to fight in addition to the new systems to use, so there will be that too. :)

See you again soon for the build release. :)

Brussels Sprouts :P

Working on content for several builds in a row has been fun. :D

Annnnd, I’m going to be switching over to other fun stuff, which I’m already talking about with other folks on the forums:¬†

But, in between, it’s time to do a bit of polishy work. This won’t make for very exciting builds necessary, but it’s an important part of helping keep Demon going strong and hopefully attracting more players. :D I know the target audience for “AI controlled pet-based roguelike with a ridiculously hard difficulty level pretty much right out of the gate” is small, but I want all of them. :P

Some of the polishy stuff can still be pretty nice though. Check out some recent changes to the character sheets. :D


Character sheets now feature a much larger presentation of the art for the character. This has previously only been available during negotiations, but the art looks pretty awesome enlarged, so I wanted to make it possible to see any character in that size.

You can also see what modifier a demon will provide when fused with another on character sheets as well, and just like when using a Matrix, you can right-click the modifier to see the list of possible bonus abilities.

I’ve also been cleaning up some other little “always bugged me” type things, like getting the UI to clean up better between games, having the player’s start position in the Tower be more randomized (instead of always the lower-left most open position :P ), etc.

Anyway, I will be on this sort of thing for a little bit, then it will be back to more meat and potatoes type builds. :D

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3/2: The Word For World Is Trees

It’s finally here. :D The new build (available for download right now at the links over on the right) is out, adding the forest realm of Arcadia as a possible for substitute for Tower: 1 & 1/2.


When Arcadia is in a given game, you will find its portal on Tower: 3 (notably, not Tower:2 where Tower:1 & 1/2 is accessed from.)

This build also has some other good stuff:

  • Slimes are no longer weak to Fire and Electricity.
  • Freybugs are now weak to Light instead of Fire.
  • Modifiers granted to demons now give stats focused more on the role the modifier encourages rather than just the abilities it can grant. (i.e.: Melee modifiers now grant more Agility and Vitality than before, for example)
  • Some small adjustments to Earth Break, Avalanche, and Bloodlust to bring other melee abilities back up to speed. (Yes, this means I nerfed those three things :P Sorry, had to be done! :P )
  • The new demons local to Arcadia can sometimes be found in the Tower itself, as early as Tower:4.
  • Adjusted the AI calculations for stagger/turn acceleration effects.

Enjoy, and as always, good luck in the Tower. :D


And he emerges victorious, with some new powers and new friends. :D Build should be out relatively soon today! :D


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Next Build’s Almost Ready

Hey everyone. :) The next build featuring the new possible alternative to Tower: 1 & 1/2, the untamed wilderness of Arcadia, is in testing now. :D Hoping for a release late Wednesday or sometime Thursday. :D See you soon!

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