The Necropolis Awaits


Hey folks. :) Interdict just received a new, fairly beefy update. Two months in the making, it adds a whole lot of new things including:

  • Necropolis, the second dungeon! Necropolis adds four new dungeon floors to explore, allowing the party to reach Level 17 and much more deeply explore Interdict’s mechanics.
  • Tanking mechanics: it is now possible for allies to protect each other from enemy attacks using certain skills.
  • Encounters with a strange merchant who offers valuable goodies in exchange for your precious Cells and Scrap.
  • 18 new monster species, which add an additional 500 or so new possible monsters that can be generated.
  • Over 20 new skills to use in customizing your party.
  • Linux support! From here onwards, Linux builds should be available at releases alongside the Windows builds. Thanks to Tchey of for the debugging and testing help to get the Linux builds working!

You can download Interdict at There is also the Ferretdev.Org Discord where you can chat with other players and receive frequent updates about development progress and what’s coming up next. :)

I hope you enjoy the new update, and I wish good luck on your adventures! Cheers!

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