Still On Target

We’re still on target for a March 1st release for the new build. :)

In addition to implementing encounters for the new dungeon floors, I’ve also been going back to older Sanctums and slipping in some of the new demons as rare encounters. :) You can run into Thrones and Nuckelavees long before reaching their homes at the Tower’s top. :D

Besides testing and bug-fixing, the other thing left to do is review older demons to see if any of the new abilities would make sense for them. I don’t expect many changes of this type this time around, but there will probably be some. :)

The next post should be the release post for the 3/1 build. :D Thank you for your patience, the wait’s almost over!

Release Date Target: 3/1

Hey folks. :) Quick update to let you know the Tower 24-26 build will be released on March 1st. I apologize for the mild delay here near the end, but the wait is almost over. :D

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