Some screenshots of the new content

Work continues apace on the new content. :) I’m probably about halfway through implementation at this point.

Here’s some screenshots of some of the new demons trying out some of their abilities. :D
An Acheri dancing to spread Infection to multiple enemies.
A Zar pouncing into the midst of enemies, leaving them stunned and panicked.
A Chindi just after finishing off a Gandayah with Snuff Out, a powerful smite that attempts to instantly kill critically injured targets.

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50 new ability icons: Next up, implementation!

The ability designs, and all of the new icons related to them, have been completed. :) Here’s a screenshot of them. :D


Next up: implementation, some testing, and then I can finally release this content push. :) I haven’t forgotten I promised to preview a few of the new abilities for you, so here you go. :)

Autoantipathy: Mind, Active. Free action. Deal low damage to a Panicked target. Cantrip cooldown.

Blood Rot: Body, Passive. Applying or reapplying Infection, Poison, or Paralysis deals damage to the target, and also reduces their stamina.

Pyrokinesis: Fire, Active. Free action. Deal low damage and possibly Ignite all targets around an Ignited target. Cantrip cooldown.

Warmth: Fire, Passive. Boosts your health and stamina regeneration based on the number of Ignited characters you can see.

Icebreaker: Ice, Passive. Your attacks attempt to instantly kill Chilled characters at critically low health.

Dreamstalker: Mind, Passive. Damage you deal to Sleeping characters will not wake them up if they were at full health.

Dessication: Body, Passive. Reducing a character’s stamina also causes damage to that character.

Judge’s Mein: Light, Passive. Dealing Light damage to a target that used a hostile ability on its last turn has a chance to cause Guilt.

Witch’s Mein: Dark, Passive. Dealing Dark damage to a target with at least one negative status effect has a chance to cause Hex.

Bolt Chain: Electricity, Passive. Applying Shock to a target damages and possibly Shocks an enemy adjacent to the target.

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Working on Abilities

My project at work is approaching alpha, so I’ve been a bit blasted this week, but work continues on designing the abilities for the new demons… as well as adding some new ones for the existing cast, and some others to add to the lists random modifiers can draw from. :) These abilities will include some interesting new mechanics as well. :D

In an attempt to balance out the number of abilities available to each playstyle and element, many of the abilities being added are focusing on previously under-represented elements such as Fire, Ice, Electric, Body, Mind, Light, and Dark to make them more viable as a primary focus for characters or even entire teams, and also to better illustrate what are supposed to be their unique strengths and capabilities.

Once I finish the ability design and start on icons, I’ll post some teasers of some the new abilities so you have some idea of what’s coming. :D

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Meet the next 19 demons!

As promised, here are all 19 new demons together. :D


From top-left to bottom-right: Acheri, Akateko, Banshee, Bmola, Chindi, Demas, Echeneis, Eloko, Huo Shu, Lilim, Oni, Raicho, Ruler, Shisa, Unicorn, Vishap, Will O’ Wisp, Yeti, and Zar. :)

Next step is getting icons for their new abilities and then, on to implementation. :)

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