Let There Be Light

For awhile now, there’s been a bit of an imbalance between the Light and Dark elements. In most respects, they mirror each other, but then there were Dark’s MaxHP damaging/draining abilities. Light didn’t have any equivalent, and it’d been bothering me for awhile. But, I finally figured out (and overcome small implementations with) an idea I’m happy with, which is represented by an example I’ll show here. :D


Stellar Ray and its various cousins will be part of the new ability content push build that is next up for release. :D

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Not much of an update to offer: just a note that I’m drawing close to the end of my overtime at work and should be able to start work on the new abilities build I’m doing for fun between veggie builds soon. :D

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7/3: Fractured Fate

7/3 build is released! Links to the right have already been updated, so grab ‘em and go!

As builds go, this isn’t a huge one: the main new feature is multiple save slots! You can now have up to 8 games active at one time. Additionally, I (hopefully!) fulfilled a long-standing request to shore up the save game system again sudden power outages. Not sure if I was successful or not yet, but we will see. Finally, I also fixed a few bugs that had been reported since the Matter release (but not quite all of them: I confess I was trying to finish this build up before work buries me solid for a couple of weeks.)

The next build, as a small fun reward for myself between “veggie” builds, will basically be me dumping a bunch of new abilities into the modifier tables (or perhaps, rarely, adding them to character creation and/or demon ability sets.) After that, the other “veggie” build: an attempt to get full screen mode looking cleaner. :) But, it’ll be a bit before I can start on those due to work being slammed again.

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

Hopefully Slight Delay

Derp, the uptick at work started with having to work today! Build is very close, pretty much can release it next free evening I have. Thank you for your patience!

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