The God Of War

A small but special surprise today: a preview of a character I have never even hinted was coming. :) Don’t worry, I’m going to save plenty for the build itself, but I wanted to have at least a few reveals of entirely new-to-everyone things to show during the dev cycle. :D


The Wizard of Wizards

The run up to this next build’s tricky. Since it is now pretty much entirely end game content (having put everything about it that wasn’t into the previous build), it is going to be difficult to find progress to show that is not kind of spoilery. :P

Still, that’s a tomorrow problem, because I did already reveal at least a little about what’s coming, which lets me at least show some goodies related to those elements. :D So, meet Merlinus :D


I Heard You Like Status Updates So I…

…am going to make a status update about status updates. :D Namely, status icons and indicators, which Ontoclasm recently did a set of to add to the already large mountain of icons he has created for Demon. You can see some of these in the screenshot below. :)


He also updated approximately 70 of his previous ability icons to match the new status icons in his set, which is extra awesome. :D Thank you again Ontoclasm!

A Short Break


Going to take a short break to catch up on a few games (looking at you Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Remaster, even if your DLC scheme is kind of off-putting…) and rest up before the giant art push ahead for the end game build. And art is pretty much all that is left for that: I already did all the ability work with the last build, even though some of the abilities didn’t go into that since they’re end game content. :D But… there is a lot of art left, no denying that either. :P

See you again soon and until next time, good luck in the Tower!

6/1: Cleaning Up The Place

I’ve updated the download links with the 6/1 build, which fixes a few small bugs including:

  • God of War having no description.
  • Reserve Power never being used by the AI.
  • The Adept modifier being found too often and not adjusting stats.
  • Some of the new passives for reducing cooldowns triggering too many times off of certain abilities.
  • Couple of other minor things.

None of these are critical, so feel free to grab 6/1 after you finish your current 5/31 run. :) Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower!

5/31: Preparing For The End

The new build has been released! :D Links on the right have been updated, so go grab it!

Highlights of the new build include:

  • New Brand art by Ontoclasm!
  • Access to over 90 new abilities.
  • 4 new types of demon modifiers, with 3 tiers each: Adept (Presence/physical), Draconic (Breath/defense), Paladin (Slash/Light), and Reaver (Slash/Dark)
  • A complete ability pass on all demons, in most cases resulting in 1 or even 2 new abilities added, particularly for demons on higher floors.
  • Reduced Credit cost on Copy Ability and Fuse Demon.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements, including better performance when the player party has Aura abilities.

Enjoy, and as always, good luck in the Tower!

Brand New Brand Art

One more goodie for the upcoming build: new Brand art by Ontoclasm! :) Here’s a sample of some of it in game. As with the old Brand art, colors are randomly selected for each Brand, so the colors shown here are not the only ones you’ll find. Thanks again Ontoclasm!