9/1: Abilaplooza

New build is released, links to the right have been updated!


Close to 60 new abilities have been added to the game, in addition to a collection of bug fixes and quality of life interface improvements. Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower!

7/3: Fractured Fate

7/3 build is released! Links to the right have already been updated, so grab ‘em and go!

As builds go, this isn’t a huge one: the main new feature is multiple save slots! You can now have up to 8 games active at one time. Additionally, I (hopefully!) fulfilled a long-standing request to shore up the save game system again sudden power outages. Not sure if I was successful or not yet, but we will see. Finally, I also fixed a few bugs that had been reported since the Matter release (but not quite all of them: I confess I was trying to finish this build up before work buries me solid for a couple of weeks.)

The next build, as a small fun reward for myself between “veggie” builds, will basically be me dumping a bunch of new abilities into the modifier tables (or perhaps, rarely, adding them to character creation and/or demon ability sets.) After that, the other “veggie” build: an attempt to get full screen mode looking cleaner. :) But, it’ll be a bit before I can start on those due to work being slammed again.

Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

5/11: It Was Only A Matter Of Time

It’s finally time! The Matter build is ready for the public! The links to the right have been updated!


As would be expected for a major release, the scoring version has been updated to 5/11/2018: a fresh new Tower awaits new scores and new ghosts!

The Matter build contains:
- The new Matter element! Wield the powers of acid, petrification, disintegration, and more!
- Over eighty new abilities, most of them of the new Matter element, bringing it up to the same level of content as previously existing elements.
- Nearly twenty new demons, spread across the Tower and connected realms, ready to use the new powers of Matter as your friends or foes.
- A hefty amount of bug fixes, balance adjustments, and quality-of-life improvements.

It’s been a long haul, but we finally made it. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support during the development and testing of this build. Good luck in the Tower!

Matter Test Build 4 Is Up!

The 4th Matter Test Build is up! http://forum.ferretdev.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=381

Since there were no critical bugs pending, I took a fair bit of time with this one, and as a result it includes a pretty impressive amount of bug fixes. :D

As for me I’ll continue working on the bug pile as work permits: once the pile’s cleared out of things I promised to fix in the “next build” for the last 8 months, we’ll be ready for the actual Matter release, provided no new Matter-related issues or other critical crop up.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been helping out with the testing, I really appreciate it. Good luck in the tower!

7/26: Not Forgotten

This is definitely NOT the Matter build :P

It IS still an important one: it fixes a fairly glaring AI bug that at least sometimes made player allies reluctant to heal the player unless he was very near death and sometimes not even then. It’s fixed now, but yikes… probably the nastiest bug I’ve let out the door in a long time.

Links at the right have been updated.

Thank you to everyone who reported issues with this, with extra tanks for oneeyedjoe, who actually managed to catch a save file of it happening to send to me; this ended up being allowed me to finally pin down the bug.

Good luck in the Tower!