7/26: Not Forgotten

This is definitely NOT the Matter build :P

It IS still an important one: it fixes a fairly glaring AI bug that at least sometimes made player allies reluctant to heal the player unless he was very near death and sometimes not even then. It’s fixed now, but yikes… probably the nastiest bug I’ve let out the door in a long time.

Links at the right have been updated.

Thank you to everyone who reported issues with this, with extra tanks for oneeyedjoe, who actually managed to catch a save file of it happening to send to me; this ended up being allowed me to finally pin down the bug.

Good luck in the Tower!

7/15: Sneaky Sneaky

I’ve updated the links at the right with the new 7/15 build, including some good bug fixes and the new and improved expanded command functionality! I won’t be posting this elsewhere until sometime tomorrow to give a little more time to find any lurking bugs, but I *think* we’re solid on this one. We’ll see soon enough at any rate! Cheers!

6/26: Grumble Grumble

Ooof. There’s a certain irony that the bug fix build would have three emergency builds after it. Yuck.

This one fixes Inner Fire not being usable while Muted and Poison+ and Poison++ not being curable.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hide somewhere in shame.


6/24: Too Many Carrots

Whew. :P Remind me not to decide to do an all UI and bug fix build again, it’s pretty tiring! Links to the right have been updated!


Here’s the full change log for interested parties:

Updates, 6/24/2017
 - Renamed Baba's Sanctum to Yaga's Sanctum, which is more gramatically
 - Corpse encounters involving demons suffering from a status condition
 now involve one less demon.
 - Juggernaut now gives less energy, as a belated adjustment based on
 movement now being a half-turn action.
 - Changed Tremane's ability set slightly, in hopes of leading him to be
 a bit less of a heal bot.
 - Dash now requires an empty space as a target. 
 - Discharge and Emit Sparks can now hit Sleeping targets. Notably, this
 will cause the AI to be rather reluctant to use them if there is a
 Sleeping target they might hit.
 - Changed Wild Frenzy's icon to better reflect it is not a movement
 - Improved pathfinding and decision making for 'pacifist' demons
 attempting to keep their allies in sight. For now, this improvement is
 only for player allies due to concerns about the performance of the new
 - 'Pacifist' demons are less likely to advance on sleeping targets.
 - The AI will no longer use hostile abilities that do not effect any
 hostile targets in any way. (This fixes a visual bug where the AI would
 sometimes use hostile abilities this way if it had another reason to do
 so, such as cooldowns that are reduced by using abilities of a certain
 - Reduced the willingness of the AI to take the 'long way' around when
 pathing to locations where the direct routes are blocked.
 - The AI will no longer consider using hostile enchantments being used
 on allies already afflicted by those hostile enchantments, even if it
 would not change the remaining duration.
 - The AI is now more likely to use hostile AE abilities on its former
 allies while Charmed, and is also more likely to attack friendlies who
 are in different 'groups'.
 - The AI now values removing the Infection status effect more.
 - Made the AI less eager to use Miracle cooldown abilities.
 - Unconquerable now causes the AI to be less reluctant to use Endure
 cooldown abilities.
 - Reduced the evaluation for the Regen status effect.
 - 'Pacifist' demons are now less aggressive when given a Kill Command.
 - Hand of the Dead AI summoners no longer spitefully delete all of their
 allies when near death.
 - Status effects are now displayed as icons instead of text in most
 places that display status effects.
 - You can mouse over status effect icons to get a tooltip with information
 about the status effect's ... well, effect... and its remaining duration. 
 - Fixed a bug where the player becoming Charmed while having too many
 demons caused a lockup that required restarting Demon to fix.
 - Bask should now be better about selecting an Ignited enemy as a default

Bug Fixes
 - Enemy summoners are no longer, under certain circumstances, oddly
 hesistant to summon replacement demons during combat.
 - Fixed a bug where Dash would sometimes fail when there was no reason for
 it to do so during ability execution, causing the user to get "yanked"
 back to their original position.
 - Newly summoned allies now have their last action set to Basic Pass
 instead of null, allowing them to be the target of abilities that
 check the last ability used by a target. (This also applies to newly
 spawned demons from corpse encounters.)
 - Fixed a bug where abilities with "random chances" did not work properly.
 - Enchantment removal results are no longer processed if the target
 enchantment is not present, which sometimes caused odd messages.
 - A certain ability used by a certain entity now respects the Charm
 condition and will no longer continue to be used against enemies even
 when those enemies have Charmed the source.
 - Your Codex is now cleared slightly later in the end game sequence, so
 that your demons don't show up as "New!" during the end game review when
 playing in Solo mode.
 - Fixed a tiny graphical glitch with negotiation windows in lower
 - Fixed a tiny graphical glitch with the tile cursor during the end game

5/26: Mad Science

The 5/26 build is released! Links at the right have been updated!

The 5/26 build is the official release of the experimental build content, including:

* Faster-paced combat: Damage and healing have been increased roughly 25% across the board. Most status effects now have increased chances to land, and/or increased effects, but shorter durations.

* Fast Movement: Basic movement is now a 1/2 turn action instead of a full turn action.

* Relic Preservation: Summoner (player and non-player alike) relics can now act to save the life of a dying summoner, temporarily draining MaxHP to prevent fatal damage.

Needless to say, it’s a bit of a brave new world in the Tower. :) Good luck!

Experimental Build 1 Available

I snuck the build out quitely on the forum a few days ago, but things’re stable enough now where I’m willing to open it up a bit more. :)

Unlike the usual, experimental builds are at this link ( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-sx_4eW-B5hN0MtellfNldlaTA ) rather than the usual download links, since I want to make sure people know what they’re getting is just that: an experiment.

The main thrust of this experiment is to try out faster-paced combat: damage and healing have been increased significantly, status effects are more reliable at landing and have stronger effects in some cases but much shorter durations as well, basic movement is now 1/2 a turn instead of a full turn, and summoners who receive fatal damage will find their Relic draining their MaxHP to keep them alive. (As before, MaxHP damage can be recovered by earning XP, using Pure Stones/Gems, and/or draining it from enemies with certain Dark-element abilities.)

So far the results have been fairly favorable, and I’ll be posting an updated Experimental Build 1 later this week that incorporates some of the feedback I’ve received so far. Thanks to everyone who’s helping me try this stuff out, and good luck in the Tower!

3/31: Our Time Has Finally Come

The long-awaited new build, with 20 new demons, over 170 new abilities, 3 new Tower floors, 3 new Sanctums, and a heap of improvements and bug fixes has been released! Build links have already been updated, so go get it!

Special thanks go out to the awesome folks who when asked stepped up to help me test this thing so I could get it out faster. :D

Anyway, I’ve been talking about this build for so long I don’t really feel like I need to post a giant thing for its release, so I’ll leave it at that. :D Go play, and good luck in the Tower!