Could You Keep It Down Please?


I’ve released a small update for Interdict, which you can grab now at Interdict’s itch page:

The new build, among other things, reigns in the power of Banshees a bit. Funereal Wail spamming was just a bit too effective, and a bit too difficult to counter. In the 3/15 build, they cannot use the Funereal Wail ability directly any more, instead, it is only used as a reaction to one or more of their allies dying.

Of course, this means they needed something else to do with their actual turns, so they now use Psionics and warcries. The overall effect should still be a scary monster, but one which gives more options for countering and combating it.

Additionally, the new update includes improvements to the Hide, Flying, and Exorcism mechanics. The Hide changes are particularly nice: Hidden status now allows you to use any hostile action on any enemy, regardless of your position, the enemy’s position, or the normal range of the ability. This allows hiding to be useful to a much wider variety of characters, and will hopefully lead to some interesting ideas and character builds.

Don’t forget that there is now a FerretDev Discord where you can talk with other Demon and Interdict fans. I’m usually around too, and happy to answer any questions you have about either game. :) You can join the FerretDev Discord using this invite link:

Finally, as a reminder, I will be phasing out this blog in favor of Interdict’s page and the FerretDev Discord over time, so updates will eventually no longer be posted here. Please follow me on, add Interdict to your collection, or join the FerretDev Discord if you’d like to remain up to date about Interdict.

Thank you, and good luck on your adventure!

First Update to Interdict Posted


The first update for Interdict has been posted over on its page at

Interdict’s first update includes some balance adjustments based on player feedback, three new species of monsters (resulting in over 60 new possible monsters you can encounter), and several new skills to discover and use for creating the perfect party.

Also, feel free to join the FerretDev Discord if you’d like to chat with other players about Demon and Interdict:

As a reminder, I will be slowly phasing out this devblog and website as we go from here out. I’ll continue to post Interdict updates here for a bit, but eventually everything will be done through the itch page linked above.

Cheers, and good luck on your adventure!