A Map To Success


A new Interdict update has been released at https://ferretdev.itch.io/interdict! This update focuses on quality of life features, including:

  • Keyboard and controller input can now be remapped in the System menu.
  • Interdict now offers multiple save slots, allowing up to 10 in progress games at a time.
  • The automap functionality has been improved: a radius around you will be mapped as you walk, and a certain spell can be used to map an even wider area

Additionally, Necropolis has been improved a bit, with more interesting room layouts and pared down enemy lists that give each sector a more defined identity. Finally, the new build also includes a fair number of balance adjustments and bug fixes.

I hope you enjoy the new build, and good luck on your adventure! Also, don’t forget you can visit the Ferretdev.Org Discord to chat with other Demon and Interdict players, and get information about what’s coming up next. Cheers!