New Character Art Coming Along Nicely

The new character art is coming along nicely. :) About halfway done so far. :D I’ll eventually show all of them together when I finish, but for now, let’s meet the four new starter monsters:

Huo Shu, a rodent that can emit heat and flame:

Will O’ Wisp, a ghost that lures people to various dangers:

Echeneis, a fish that attaches itself to ships to slow or stop their movement:

And finally Raicho, a bird that is often seen during thunderstorms:

Hope everyone is enjoying the 2/14 build. :) See you again next week. :D

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Nineteen new friends and/or foes

Finished the research & design phase for the new monsters coming in the next Demon content push. :) Nineteen new enemies (friends?) coming up: Remora, Will o’ Wisp, Huo Shu, Raicho, Lilim, Acheri, Bmola, Zar, Demas, Chindi, Akateko, Eloko, Shisa, Oni, Banshee, Vishap, Unicorn, Wendigo, and Ruler.

Now to get started on the art. :)

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2/1: It’s A Brave New Tower

The 2/1 builds (PC, Mac, and Linux) are ready! You can download them at the usual link:

The update notes are pretty extensive this time, so I’ll stick to a summary of the major changes.

Major Changes
- The new style of dungeon art is in for the Tower, and it is quite sharp looking. :)
- Fire attacks now have a chance to cause Ignite, a brief damage over time status effect.
- Several significant balance tweaks have been made to smooth out several issues noted by playtesters. The general flavor of these has been towards making the game a bit faster paced, meaner tempered, and a bit better balanced overall between different demons.
- The base hit rate for damaging abilities has been raised, from 70% to 85%.
- SP costs for many abilities (damage abilities in particular) have been significantly reduced.
- Resistances and weaknesses now have a much greater impact: be *very* aware of your main character’s weakness and what enemies can hit it!
- Direct healing (Healing Charm, Mending, etc.) is somewhat more powerful, passive and indirect healing (Regen, Flesheater, etc.) somewhat less so.
- Scores now lean a bit higher, especially for early game deaths. Scores from this version onward should be considered to be on a different scale than pre-2/1 scores, and thus not particularly fit for comparison.
- You can now press ‘x’ to open up a targeting interface for examining characters (same effect as right-clicking them.)

And finally, a teaser screenshot showing off the new dungeon art and Ignite status:


Next up, time for a content push! :) Until next time, good luck (you’re going to need it more than ever!)