12/11: Dawn of the Dead

Whew! It took nearly two months, but we’re here! The new build, containing both Relic Wraiths and Interactables, has been released! Links on the right have already been updated!

The rather extensive change log included with each build details the changes beyond what I’ve talked about here over the course of the past several weeks, so dig into that if you’re curious about the specifics.

Otherwise, dive in and enjoy! Good luck in the Tower! (You’re going to need it more than ever probably.)


Well, at least the second ghost isn’t so bad…

Less of a baddie, though the random Combusts might turn out to be dangerous for parties with no healing available. Stopping to fix some minor bugs, but we’re still on schedule (I didn’t assume in planning that I’d find zero bugs, after all. :D ) I tried to summon Tremane’s ghost to fight, but Level 3 is too high to summon a Level 2 ghost, alas! (The range for level-based ghost summoning is QUITE small at low levels, and by that I mean it pretty much has to match exactly. :P )


I Accidentally Made A Sigmund

Welp. At least since he’s a Relic Wraith, the odds of actually running into him will drop sharply once other people start making wraiths. :D

Meet the first ghost of… ahem… Tower… 1. The RNG apparently wanted the first ghost to be a bit of a doozy: the Hypnotic Gaze and Venomous were both found on corpses (and both extremely lucky rolls, most of the time, you get far less exciting things from the find ability result :P )

If anyone is still playing this game next week, it will probably be a miracle. :D