So THAT’S what that thing is!

Making good progress on descriptions. :) I hope to have a build out within another week. :D

Until then, here’s a few screen caps of the descriptions from early game demons to tide you over. :)






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7/4: A Mouse in the House

New build is up! Links to your right point to the new 7/4 builds!

You can’t quite do everything with the mouse now, but you can do a whole heck of a lot more then before:

  • When presented with a list of choices other than during negotiation, you can now use the mouse wheel to scroll the list, and can left-click entries to select them.
  • Ability buttons are now actually left-clickable.
  • You can now use the mouse to choose and confirm targets for abilities (mouse over cells to target them, left-click your target to confirm it.)
  • You can now left-click visible cells on the map to perform a few actions, based on what you clicked, and whether or not you are currently in combat.

Full mouse controls may still happen at some point, but I am a little less sold on them than I was a couple of weeks ago. For the amount of work it would take, it is not a commonly requested feature: people do want to be able to do *more* with the mouse, but I’ve only heard one request for anything even close to full mouse control. So going forward, my focus is to provide more options for mouse support when feasible in terms of effort and when I believe they make a lot of sense, rather than trying to make sure literally everything can be done by mouse when I’m not even sure that will turn out to be great or desired by anyone even if I invested the considerable amount of time required for it.

That said, I do want to go back and get negotiation working with mouse controls. Kinda newb of me that negotiation selection is different from every other kind of selection. :( Well, it won’t be the first time I’ve broken out the refactor tractor for UI related things. :P

Since I try to include screenshots with each major build, I have reluctantly taken a screenshot of a mouse-highlighted menu selection during character creation. It will likely go down in history as the most boring screenshot of a roguelike ever taken. :) Trust me, the actual build is much more exciting. :D Go play it already!


Next build is imminent!

Putting the finishing touches on the mouse controls build, hoping to release during this long weekend. :) Trying to find a way to make it entertaining to read about on here gives me a headache though, so I’m going to quietly get back to work instead. :P

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