Target Set: 12/11 should be the day!

Barring any unfortunate surprises, I intend to release the next build no later than 12/11. :)

Apologies that this one has run a bit long: as I remarked to a friend earlier this week, I hope someone stops me if I decide implementing two new major systems in one shot is a good idea again. :P But, it will be worth it, as both Relic Wraiths and Interactables will be arriving in what I hope are very strong starting states, fully integrated into the game as if they had been there from the first build. On top of those, there will be a good number of small bug fixes and balance tweaks as well.

Aside from any bug fix builds that may happen, the next major release will be content heavy. :) Once Relic Wraiths is safely out the door, I’ll have more to say about it, but in short: it’s about time the Tower did some growing again. :) Cheers!

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