5000 :D

As of a bit earlier today, Demon reached 5000 games played. :) 2500 was hit back on October 17th, so that’s roughly 33 games a day on average since then. Not a huge number in the scheme of things, but for little still-semi-hidden Demon, it’s more than enough to make me happy for now. :D

Thank you everyone, and I hope you continue to enjoy playing. :)

I’d also like to thank Geminimax for the character art he has provided, and continues to make as new content is added. :) I’m sure it has been helpful for getting people interested. :) Thanks Geminimax! :D

3 responses to “5000 :D

  1. I’m honored! Thank you for making such a cool game. It’s nice to see how much it has grown since i first played it, and i bet it’s going to get even better!