First Update to Interdict Posted


The first update for Interdict has been posted over on its page at

Interdict’s first update includes some balance adjustments based on player feedback, three new species of monsters (resulting in over 60 new possible monsters you can encounter), and several new skills to discover and use for creating the perfect party.

Also, feel free to join the FerretDev Discord if you’d like to chat with other players about Demon and Interdict:

As a reminder, I will be slowly phasing out this devblog and website as we go from here out. I’ll continue to post Interdict updates here for a bit, but eventually everything will be done through the itch page linked above.

Cheers, and good luck on your adventure!

2 responses to “First Update to Interdict Posted

  1. That’s looking extra nice. Rushing over to try it now, thanks for sharing of your creative genius!