5/13: Whoopsie

5/13 fixes a small bug that sometimes caused enemy summoners to only start with one active summon under fairly common (but not 100%) conditions. Build links to the right have been updated to point to it. Cheers!

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5/11: It Was Only A Matter Of Time

It’s finally time! The Matter build is ready for the public! The links to the right have been updated!


As would be expected for a major release, the scoring version has been updated to 5/11/2018: a fresh new Tower awaits new scores and new ghosts!

The Matter build contains:
- The new Matter element! Wield the powers of acid, petrification, disintegration, and more!
- Over eighty new abilities, most of them of the new Matter element, bringing it up to the same level of content as previously existing elements.
- Nearly twenty new demons, spread across the Tower and connected realms, ready to use the new powers of Matter as your friends or foes.
- A hefty amount of bug fixes, balance adjustments, and quality-of-life improvements.

It’s been a long haul, but we finally made it. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support during the development and testing of this build. Good luck in the Tower!

Build Note Preview

Updates, 5/11/2018

New Element: Matter
- Welcome to the official release of the “Matter Build”, so called because it introduces a new ability element, Matter, to the game.
- The Matter Build had several test builds before this, the official release. The build notes will detail all the changes present in this build.
- The only changes listed under this build, 5/11/2018, are those that were added since 4/3/2018 (Matter Test 6.)

- Added six new upgrades related to gaining partial (or, eventually, full) Heroic bonuses based on leaving active summon slots unused.
- Aux Power gives you the damage, healing, and resource cost discounts of Heroes. It comes in three levels: all three levels give you 1/3 of a Hero’s bonuses per empty slot; the only difference is the maximum number of slots they award this bonus for.
- Aux Guard gives you the damage reduction and status resistance of of Heroes. It comes in three levels: all three levels give you 1/3 of a Hero’s bonuses per empty slot; the only difference is the maximum number of slots they award this bonus for.
- No relic starts with any of these upgrades: thus, it is not under the current upgrade system possible to get the 3rd level of both
upgrades in a single run. Consider these a preview of things to come, with the knowledge that things will one day change in this
- Also added a seventh new upgrade: Call Demon, which allows you to spend Credits to summon a (hostile) non-unique demon of any species you have linked with at least once in the current run. (Note: This uses ‘your current run’, even if you have different Codex settings chosen under options.)

- Demons that bestow Heroism as part of their capture requirements now only give Heroism to the summoner, or to themselves, not both. The capture information for each demon of this type will specify who will receive Heroism.
- Reduced the rate at which gaining levels increases the Credits given by using Recycle by 33%.
- Reduced the maximum amount of Credits gained from using Recycle by 50%.
- Reduced the rate at which ‘rare encounters’ spawn by 50%.

- You can no longer rest or auto travel when any ally is affected by Panic or Charm, to prevent unfortunate accidents.

- Summoners with both Aux Power and Aux Guard will be much less likely to summon so many actives as to invalidate the effect of whatever level of these upgrades they have.
- Summoners now prefer to summon pacifists when possible, if they do not already have ne summoned. This helps ensure AI summoners make good use of support demons.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where attacks that move the character (Ghost Pierce) could not trigger the Leadership passive.

Nearly There!

Just wanted to post a small update: only 3 bugs left to fix before Matter Test Build 6 can be released. :D

Notably, my hope is that MTB6 is the last one before the actual Matter release. Once MTB6 is out, only critical bugs will warrant another test build release: non-critical bugs will be written up for handling in a future release.


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(Hopefully) Final Bugs Added to Fix List for Matter Build

I’ve updated the Matter Test Build thread ( http://forum.ferretdev.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=381&p=3326#p3326 ) with the remaining pre-Matter bugs I want to fix before release. Once all of those are fixed, I will release Matter Test Build 6, and if nothing crazy comes out of that, the actual Matter release will follow shortly after.

It will feel weird to go back to making posts without the word Matter in them :P

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