10/17: One More Bug Rejected

Well, actually, a few more than one, but that’s really all this is, a small bug fix build to address some issues with Hastening Cut and Prism Nova. It also includes one balance change for Brands related to the “Requires X Level” modifier. The links at the right have been updated, so go grab it when you like. :D Cheers, and good luck in the Tower!

2 responses to “10/17: One More Bug Rejected

    • You’re welcome. :D I didn’t want to leave those unfixed on my break, even if they were individually pretty minor issues. I’d mostly waited to see if anything critical would come up before making a build (since if I found something critical I’d have to make a build for that whether I’d done this one or not), but at this point seems like there weren’t any bigger bugs. :D