11/1: Download Hosting Switch and another Sharing Saturday

NEW Build Link (older links no longer valid!): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/akfvy4z8fmsavdm/AACrg9QrE7tcXDtLQOsYb_7Ga?dl=0

Switched to Dropbox for build hosting because even I was tired of Google Drive’s “how do I download the thing” interface issues. Dropbox can occasionally cause Chrome to throw ridiculously overblown warnings about downloading .exes, but I’m hoping that won’t happen much. :P And now, to the update notes!

Update Notes, 11/1/2014

- Continuing to adjust ‘new player help’ features, such as hint banners for summoning and
recruiting on the party display, and glowing buttons in the hotkey bar when there context
is relevant.
- Recruit, Item, and Train now display glowing hotkey buttons when appropriate.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug causing Distract, along among debuffs, to not target through enemies.
- Fixed a bug with the grammar engine that caused improper pronoun usage in some cases for uniques.
- Fixed a bug with Poison Needle’s icon.
- Fixed a bug with how enemy summoners reacted to player portal usage.

A screenshot of what some of the new player help features look like in action:


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