12/12: There Will Be Bugs

Ugh, I knew there’d probably be a few bugs. Good and most important news is: none of them require me to wipe or edit the data for ghosts already on the server, so we can keep all the awesome ghosts that have been made so far! Links at the right have been updated, so grab it after you finish your current games on the 12/11 build. :D Thanks, and good luck in the tower!

Fixed in 12/12:
* Fixed a bug where Relic Wraiths always spawned with the MaxHP of a Level 1 character, regardless of their actual level. To reiterate: this is a client bug, not a server bug: ghosts made with 12/11 will have the correct HP when spawned in 12/12.
* Fixed a bug where Relic Wraiths using Consume and Recycle on demons that had been “de-leveled” as part of the Relic Wraith spawning process would actually take HP and SP damage from the act, often causing the AI to hang trying and failing to find an ability that could be used with 0 SP. Thanks to Geminimax for reporting and sending in a repro save file for this bug.
* Fixed a rare bug where searching a corpse simply gave no result message at all, not even a “nothing found” message. Thanks to wizaaargghh for reporting this bug.

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