12/20: Striking A Balance

The new build is ready and released! The links at the right have already been updated, so go ahead and grab it!


The two main features of this build are the new Ontoclasm icon set and a fairly extensive balance pass focused on cooldown abilities, Light and Dark “conditional” attacks, and Relic Upgrades including significant changes to Aux Guard and Aux Power, the Titan’s Fist starting upgrades. In particular, I think the new Titan’s Fist plays much better and feels more in theme for Demon, since it now requires you to have at least one demon out, rather than being able to (and encouraging) dropping to zero demons, which isn’t really very Demon anymore. :)

I should also add this would be a good time to give cooldown abilities a chance if you haven’t been impressed with them before. Specifically those with Light, Dark, Presence, and Breath cooldowns, which were significantly improved as part of the balance pass. But on the flip side, you should probably beware of enemies who use those abilities, for they have also benefitted from the balance pass they received. :)

As always, I hope you enjoy the new build, and good luck in the Tower!

4 responses to “12/20: Striking A Balance

  1. PC build 12_20_2020 doesn’t work due to a misplaced folder.

    The Executable didn’t work properly until I put the “Licensed_Art” INSIDE the “Demon_Data” folder. I think you simply put the new art in the wrong folder… Oopsie! I even got the new icons after I did this.

    • Huh. That’s unusual. The Windows build is by far the most popular, but this is the first report I’ve had of this. (For that matter, I run on Windows too and didn’t see it in my testing.)

      I’m not sure which is more interesting: that you had the problem, or that moving the Licensed_Art folder fixed it. :D The program should have no idea that folder exists or what it is, but… weird.

      I’m glad you got it working, but if you don’t mind a couple of questions: What version of Windows are you running and can you clarify a bit on what you mean by the executable didn’t work properly? Thanks!

      • I tried to repeat the process, but something even weirder happened. I think I have it figured out now.

        If I use 7Zip to extract the archive, using the .exe makes Norton remove an “assembly”, and the game doesn’t run properly. If I use Windows 10 (the right click menu) to extract the archive, the game runs properly with no interference with Norton.

        No idea what moving the Licensed_Art folder did, or if that was just a coincidence. I can’t replicate that fix, so it was probably just a coincidence.

        Probably just Norton misbehaving.

        • Ah, yeah, that makes more sense: anti-virus software tends to get paranoid about small indie games it doesn’t recognize sometimes. At any rate, I’m glad the game is working reliably now. :) Thank you for the additional testing and update!